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on December 3, 2009

I’ve had a bit of a crafting bug lately. I found a bunch of cute crafty sites online and read through a few of them saving pictures for future ideas and I added links to some of them on the right side of my blog. Check them out, but a little warning, don’t try to attempt this all in one day. =)
Put up with this rambling post and you might win a PRIZE!
A few years ago for Elizabeth’s third birthday party, I bought a bunch of beads for the girls to make necklaces. I found some great stretchy cording because the necklaces were for small kids and elastic is easier to tie than hemp (I think).
Today after school and ballet and just before dinner, the girls made these bracelets to take to some friends at ballet and Elizabeth’s first grade teacher and their ballet teachers. Elizabeth even named hers. She really likes patterns and counting and we figured out that 18 beads was the right amount for her size and 16 was the right amount for Olivia’s. I even worked in some extra math practice with Elizabeth with her three bead pattern. I told her to take 6 beads of three colors to get eighteen and then made her count them and sort them and then string them all on the cording. Then she had to double check her pattern and count them again. Elizabeth’s are on the left and Olivia’s are on the right. (Note, these are not leftover beads anymore. We ran out and I had to buy more.)
Some of the clever names Elizabeth came up with were: Sunburst (the red, orange, yellow one), Pinkalicious, Christmasy, and the others have names too, but I forgot what they are.
Olivia prefers a more random (she calls it rainbow) look. A few of them are sorted by color and she even decided which one she wants to give to each girl in her class.
We have several more to make in the coming afternoons.

I may even have time to make one for YOU if you want to tell me that you read my blog and include your favorite colors (and age of who you want this for so I can guess wrist size).

OR maybe this will interest you.
I made these magnets yesterday for our nursery at church. We have more kids than this, but I didn’t want to use the unique names for privacy. These weren’t very hard and they aren’t perfect, but they will work for holding up the picture the kids color in nursery on the chalkboard without it getting wrecked before their parents come to pick them up. And when they graduate to Sunbeams or move away (and tell me), then they can take their magnet home with them.

If YOU would like a set of coordinating magnets, leave a separate comment with your favorite color combo and if you want them to label anything. I’m doing a giveaway here!Leave a comment for each of these that you’re interested in by Monday, December 16th at midnight and I’ll make some for a few lucky ones!
Oh, and I’ve written/posted 300 times on here. I ramble and update too much probably, but I don’t want to be behind or forget the stories that go with the pictures.
If you follow me, you get an extra entry for the project of your choice.
Hopefully all that makes sense.
Comment up to three times.
1. If you want a bracelet/necklace set (or if you have a few girls-bracelets) and tell me colors and who they would be for.
2. If you want a magnet set (and tell me colors or who they would be for).
3. If you follow me.


11 responses to “Craftiness

  1. Mary says:

    Cute! Good thing Grandma C wasn't making bracelets for the Girls this year… The magnets are a great way to keep track of those floating papers in the Nursery.

  2. Alissa says:

    Hey, love the magnets. How did you do those? They are great. Glad to see you updating. I was just thinking last night that it's been quiet from your end of the world for a while, and I was hoping all was well with you guys.

  3. Carrie says:

    So this morning as I was clicking on all the blogs that have updated, I thought, "I haven't commented on anyone's blogs for a while. I'm going to comment today." And then you go and have a giveaway, so I HAVE to comment. I love the idea of having the girls do bracelets for their classmates – what a great and easy way to do Christmas presents, and they turned out really cute, too. I want some magnets. Those are so cool! If I were to win, I would love some for my fridge with my kids' names on them, maybe one for me and Brian, too.

  4. CUTE CUTE CUTE! I've always loved those magnets too!

  5. janaemadsen says:

    I read your blog. I love your craftiness- Danielle LOVES her I spy toy. She also likes pink and purple

  6. janaemadsen says:

    I also follow your blog. and I like the magnets- especially a purple one and green one- you are pretty crafty.

  7. I love the magnets and the bracelets! Of course I read your blog! I am too far away, so don't make me anything, but maybe when I move back around you, we could do this kind of thing together! Happy Holidays!

  8. Cute NaDell! It would be fun to have a magnet for each of us… I like all the colors! I am glad you guys are getting excited for Christmas- we are too! I love it!

  9. p.s. I DO follow you- and I love your pictures, don't feel bad if you don't limit them!

  10. Sara Mason says:

    ok I don't need any bracelets or magnets… but i love reading your site. Last night as I was writing my blog up my husband was telling me it was too long… I told him I didn't care it was my blog and that i'm fine if no one reads it but if they did read it cool! Well cool NaDell your so creative… you should make a bunch of those bracelets for the event… you should actually have your girls make them and than tell them you will give them a cut of the money of what they make off there bracelets… I think they would like it!

  11. Kelsey says:

    I think I'm too late to enter. I've made those magnets and they are so fun. Cute bracelts.

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