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Santa’s R-E-A-L!

on December 11, 2009

That was Olivia’s reaction at the church Christmas party when Santa came in, so make sure you say that in kind of a babyish sing-song voice that’s a tad deep, like Olivia’s.
Andy is dancing in the Nutcracker with his sister, Torrie, in the party scene as a party dad. They get to do a little ballroom dancing, but mostly it’s pretend talking and wine glass toasting. (Last year Andy had to carry one of the middle-sized ballerinas onstage to act as a doll. They are heavy, he reports. This year, he doesn’t have to do that part, and that’s a relief because that ballerina probably gained 10lbs of muscle since last year.) He was busy the last several Saturdays for an hour or two and then every night this week rehearsing.
Tonight I was on my own with the kids at the ward party. It was a dinner, then music, then, singing, then reading a few stories and scriptures, more caroling, then two hours later, Santa came out. I really would love it if Santa came to the church like an hour before the party. I think that would be awesome! All the kids would be clean and dry and have clean faces and they (probably) wouldn’t be crying and they wouldn’t be just recovering from sitting at a table for two hours. And the party could be all about what Christmas REALLY is about. Even though the wrestling at the table with Vincent got old and he can only rip up so many Styrofoam cups, the kids all did pretty well for the Santa picture. Too bad my camera takes lousy gym shots. Really anywhere with fluorescent lighting. Vincent eyeing Santa to see what he’s all about. But no crying! I think he was just glad to get a treat. The kid chants “cookie” all over the house!
One of the men in my ward was taking pictures with his really nice camera on his tripod and they gave us prints of our manger scene picture from last year, so that’s probably the plan for these too. I hope!
I had been trying for weeks to find someone to come over and rake up our leaves and finally asked Andy’s cousin to do it. He came over with a buddy on Monday to do it. They only had about an hour of daylight left, so they had to come back on Tuesday. They worked on Tuesday for 4 hours, but still weren’t done, so they came back for two more hours on Wednesday. A lot of work. SO glad it’s done though. Just before they got here on Wednesday I put up the Christmas lights all by myself! I climbed up on the ladder and attached the special clips that slide under the shingles and then went back around with the lights to hang them. I ran out toward the end of the house, so I had to go back and take down the first ones and use an extension cord where they were to finish the front of the house. I didn’t want to go to the store or have to finish the next day. The boys came to finish up the leaves literally just as I climbed down the ladder the last time.
Elizabeth’s playdough duck while the girls played with playdough on Monday after school.
Olivia with her playdough on Monday. She copied Elizabeth’s ducks, but she wanted three of them and in the right colors.
Tuesday after school, we wrapped some presents. I wrapped, Olivia handed me tape, Elizabeth tied the ribbons on, and Vincent helped pick out tags. It was pretty fun. Now I just hope they don’t tell anyone what their present is. It helped that Andy wrapped a bunch the few nights before, so Elizabeth started with plenty to put ribbons on that were for them, but it didn’t spoil their surprise.
Wednesday morning Olivia’s preschool went caroling at a nursing home close by. They were so cute! They sang “Jingle Bells”, “Rudolph”, “ABCs”, “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”, and “Once There Was a Snowman”. It was cute. There are six kids in Olivia’s group. One of the ones in the picture is a younger sister.Vincent got into it too. It helped that the man who helps with these things plays his guitar along with the kids. He even gave them those jingle bells pictured above to play with. We hardly had to do anything. When we left each of the four houses, I held Vincent and he’d wave and say bye-bye to the grandmas and grandpas and I’d tell him to blow a kiss. They LOVED that! The hat was what held the jingle bells.Thursday, I got a call from the school at 10am that the school’s three year old heating system wasn’t working and to pick up my child before 12:45pm or they would take them to the middle school close by. So, we spent the afternoon kid crafting while Vincent napped. We painted the puzzle pieces to make wreaths on Friday and then started on our cotton ball Santa faces.
Painting puzzle pieces.Olivia’s finished Santa face.Elizabeth’s finished Santa face.Friday is Elizabeth’s early release day, so it was another kid craft/kid movie watching afternoon. ‘Tis the season for all of that.

Just for fun, Santa’s past visits with our family. The ones I have digital copies of anyway…
Elizabeth and Olivia in 2005 with Santa.
Olivia in 2006 with Santa.Elizabeth in 2006 with Santa.
Elizabeth in 2007 with Santa. Olivia wouldn’t go near him. This was during Olivia’s scared of everything stage. She is still a little leery of things, but we found out that she thought Scooter (Andy’s parent’s dog) was going to eat her when he licked her fingers or feet once and as soon as she could speak well enough to communicate that to us, we told her that wasn’t going to happen and since then she’s been mostly okay with animals.
2008 with the tarp-covered Santa in the freezing snowy park. They were freezing. Really cold. After this, the city did some fireworks that we stayed for. Until the kids were all frozen and crying. A little long. It was another Nutcracker weekend and I was keeping them busy.Me and my siblings with Santa in 1989 (or somewhere close there). I’m pretty sure right after this is when we crashed, right mom? Something like that. My mom reported that this picture was taken in 1986, so I was 4 1/2 (close to Olivia’s age now). Milton is all beat up because he rammed his bike into a telephone pole.
I love Christmastime!

2 responses to “Santa’s R-E-A-L!

  1. Mary says:

    YES, We crashed on the way home. It was 1986, and Milton had run into a pole riding his bike and looking at a red car. I'm glad you like Christmas. That was nice of the Preschool to go and sing.

  2. I'm sorry your Christmas party was so long. I remember how difficult that was with all our kids. (Not very young family friendly) Our ward here did have Santa come first. You could come before the dinner and see Santa. Then there was a delicious ham dinner and Christmas carol karaoke. Very laid back and no having to keep kids quiet for over an hour.

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