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on December 12, 2009

We went to watch the Nutcracker this afternoon. The afternoon one is the best with kids. One of Andy’s cousins came over to babysit Vincent while the girls and I were gone. I asked Andy’s sister, Sara, to go with me so that if I had to take a kid to the bathroom, I wouldn’t have to take both or take all my stuff with me. She came with her adorable baby Daphne. She hadn’t been for a long time either, so she wanted to go anyway. It was fun to see Andy onstage and one of Elizabeth friends was his “son”. Here is the post from last year’s nutcracker in case you’d like to see how Andy looks with makeup.
Here are the girls in front of the Christmas tree.And in front of the giant nutcracker.
Sara and Daphne sitting and waiting for the show to begin. Daphne is so cute! Sara made her that bow this morning.
Elizabeth and Olivia waiting in line at intermission for cookies.
Me, Elizabeth, and Olivia waiting for the second half of nutcracker to begin.
We ended up sitting right next to a family in our ward, another family in the row in front of us a little ways down, and one of Olivia’s ballet classmates behind us. We saw a few other people we knew too. It was sprinkling snowflakes when we went in and when we came out, everything was covered. It took a while to get out of the parking lot, but it takes a long time even when the weather is nice.
Yesterday our old van’s back lights were stuck on and I couldn’t get them to turn off, so Andy looked at them last night and ended up unhooking the battery. This morning, he worked on that while I went to a bridal shower brunch and when I got back he explained how to hook up the wires to turn the lights back on and how to turn them off and then he went off to Nutcracker again. He plans on getting a part to fix them Monday. But hey, our van has lasted since the beginning of May, so that’s seven months. Pretty good for a Craig’s List cheapo van.
The Nutcracker was wonderful. Everyone did a great job and the dances were great. At intermission we went out and had cookies and visited. When it was over, Olivia and Elizabeth started going down the row to leave while Sara and I got Daphne’s little jacket back on. I told them to stop and come back and Elizabeth came back, but Olivia was waiting at the end of the row. When we walked out, she disappeared. I figured that she walked out to the place we had cookies or possibly to the car (she likes to freak me out by going by herself to the car and then hiding in there. It’s SO fun.), so I checked those places. Sara waited next to the outside door to check for her while I went out to the car. She wasn’t there, so I went back inside, left Elizabeth with Sara, and went back down to the seats. She was coming up the stairs by the seats crying because she couldn’t find us. I don’t know where she went to while we were looking around for her. She was too upset to explain. My kids seem to be enjoying giving me heart attacks lately. It’s so freaky!
Elizabeth did it earlier this week after school. I was picking her and a friend up, so I parked at one of my friend’s houses across the street from the school and left Vincent and Olivia in her house. Then I walked over to where the first graders come out. I must have been a minute late because I couldn’t find them, but other moms kept telling me they saw Elizabeth running off somewhere. I walked to her classroom to look, went inside the school, and walked back and forth a few times before going inside to make sure the friend didn’t get picked up by anyone else and surprised her mom at home or something, which freaked her out too. I called my friend across the street, but her phone was in her car and she didn’t answer. As I walked out to check over there, my friend called the school saying that both girls showed up there. Oh my goodness! They freak me out! Especially because two kids were missing and that’s not where we meet. So annoying. Elizabeth was worried today when Olivia was missing and I explained to her how I felt when she was missing, so hopefully she gets it now. Sorry for the long story.
Tomorrow I get to go to church with all three kids alone. Hopefully I survive. That and nursery. I think I’m going to need a nap tomorrow after church.


One response to “Nutcracker

  1. Sorry about your heart attacks. I've had many of those too. It's terrible. Hope you survived church alone. Joe and I barely survive it with both of of there!

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