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Done with Nutcracker 2009

on December 14, 2009

Andy Here:

Today (Monday, Dec 14) marks the end of the Nutcracker for this year. Yeah, I’m in a ballet, but I don’t wear tights or a ballet-jock, I wear a tux, and I don’t dance much.

It went pretty well. My baby sister, Torrie, and I, filled the roll of party-parents for the third time. In case you don’t know, party-parents are the adults who come to the party that takes place at the beginning of the Nutcracker. They bring the kids, who are the real stars of the show. Basically, we’re human scenery. It is a mostly-fun experience. The main annoyance is having to wear a bunch of stage-makeup, like in this picture, that we took before the Sunday performance.
Torrie looks pretty nice in her getup, I must look OK, because they’ve had two chances to not invite me back, and haven’t.

Anyway, we had a lot of rehearsals starting in October, a couple dress rehearsals last week, over the weekend four full-blown performances, and today we did two abbreviated performances where they bus in nearly all the fifth-graders in Tri-Cities. My part is not super hard, we do a couple of ballroom-type dances, and the rest of the time we’re standing there acting like we’re having fun at the party. My biggest challenge is not stepping on anyone’s dress. I was fairly successful this year, I stepped on Torrie’s dress only half-a-dozen times, and only one of those times was severe enough to get made fun of. In contrast, in previous years, I have stepped on her dress and popped a seam or two, so I think I’m improving a bit. The only other boo-boo we had, was when I handed Torrie a plastic champagne glass for her to hold during the ‘drinking dance’ and the bottom of the glass snapped off. Torrie took it in stride, and hardly anyone who wasn’t on the stage noticed.

There’s a lot of time sitting around waiting to go on the stage. They want you to show up ninety minutes before the start so everyone has time to get ready, but it only takes me about fifteen minutes to get ready, so I have a lot of time to kick around. A lot of people who either know Torrie, because she works at the ballet studio, or know NaDell because she hangs around the ballet studio while Elizabeth and Olivia are in class, come up and talk to me, and I don’t really know them. Some lady says, “so how long have you been in your house?” and I want to say, “who the heck are you, and how do you know I own a house?” but instead I use manners and say, “three years ago.” My favorite is, “so Torrie is your sister, is she older, or are you?” I want to say, “are you calling her old-looking, or me young-looking?” Maybe the makeup is making me look a little younger, but it doesn’t hide my white hairs.

Aside from the makeup, the other annoyance is that I have to keep my hair longer than I like, until the show is done. But I’ve taken care of that already.
I’m a short-hair guy, especially in winter, because I can wear a stocking-cap and not get very bad hat-hair.

NaDell adds:
He really does smile. I promise! These look like boot camp pictures. Well, maybe just the bottom one.


4 responses to “Done with Nutcracker 2009

  1. Jacob was one of those 5th graders. He like the girl that was a doll.

  2. Kim Despain says:

    Andy in lipstick…..I wish I'd have thought of that trick as a kid! All kidding aside, it looks and sounds like a fun evening!

  3. Julie says:

    Andy you crack me up!!!!! I was laughing so hard reading what you wrote. That sounds like it was fun. Nice hair cut!!!!!

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