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Christmas comes at last!

on December 26, 2009

Andy here:
Christmas 2009 has been good to us. We had a nice time with family, and we had a lot of fun giving and receiving gifts.

We got things started Christmas Eve at Grandma & Grandpa Ransom’s house. There was a lot of yummy finger food, then a short program that included the following: Singing carols, Aunt Suzie’s amusing story of the boy who asked Santa to bring him a shark, then got his hand bit off during feeding time (But not to worry because it was all a dream. The next morning, he was relieved that Santa didn’t bring him a shark.), Cousin Kurt’s solo of Oh Holy Night, and the ever-popular Nativity Puppets.
Here’s all the cousins, that live in Tri Cities, sitting together, oldest to youngest, during the Christmas Eve program. Vincent didn’t leave any room for Daphne to sit next to him, but that’s okay because she can’t sit up yet anyway.Here’s Aunt Nancy, performing her roll of King Herod in the Nativity puppet show. You say your Nativity puppet set doesn’t include Herod? Well, I guess you’re just not as lucky as we are. Andy made King Herod himself.After the fun at Grandma’s it was time to go home and go to bed so Santa could come.
About eight-o’clock in the morning, Elizabeth and Olivia were ready to see if he had come. According to Andy’s family tradition, everyone has to line up in the hall, and wait until dad goes to check whether or not Santa has been there, tradition also demands that this moment be preserved by photograph.
We had to restrain Vincent a little.
Then the fun began, here’s Olivia opening her gift from Santa. She was a little excited to get a new Barbie.
Soon enough, all the presents were opened. We all made a haul! NaDell’s tradition is that everyone takes a picture with all their loot.
Vincent got a lot of cars, and a neat racetrack set. He’s holding a magnetic farm animal matching game.Olivia got a new Barbie, some movies, and a coloring book you paint in.Elizabeth got a Lego set, she and Olivia and Vincent got Clone Wars, Season 1 on bluray to share (we started watching them, and they’re really good, better than I expected, and a lot better than that Clone Wars movie). They also each got a paper doll that’s better than regular paper dolls because the doll and clothes are made of wood and magnets. Vincent’s doll is a guy who can dress up as a fireman or a knight, or a pirate, Arrggghh! NaDell got a new printer/scanner/copier, some new cookie sheets and oven mitts (some of you are thinking, ‘what kind of jerk gives his wife cookie sheets and oven mitts for Christmas?’ In my defense, she makes a lot of cookies, and she asked me for new cookie sheets and oven mitts.), and some necklaces from Olivia (NaDell’s note: Elizabeth looked all sad and almost started to cry when I opened those. I was trying to figure out why and then she said that she was worried I wouldn’t like what she got me because of the jewelry Olivia gave me. Elizabeth picked out a lavender scented oil that you put sticks in to make a room smell nice. I do like lavender.) Oh, and NaDell wasn’t in pajamas all day. She just didn’t get any pictures of herself later in the day.Andy got what every guy needs, Legos (NaDell’s note: Check out the age it suggests on the box, 9-14), a deep-fat-fryer, and a movie where they try to kill Hitler. That orange thing in the picture is a neat tool for cutting open that annoying plastic packaging and wires that everything seems to come in nowadays. The only problem was that it came in its own annoying plastic packaging, and guess what I didn’t have to cut it open with? I took the tool with us to the rest of the festivities and it came in very handy.
Vincent’s racetrack set is probably the most popular gift of all. It’s got these Little People racecars that zoom around in a figure-eight and crash into each other. We’ve all played with it so much that it’s just about ready for more batteries.Vincent really enjoyed all his cars too. NaDell found some cool ones that are die cast of the Cars movie, Elizabeth picked out the little knock-off hot wheels, and Olivia choose the bigger Tonka cars. Vincent was lining them all up by size. At lunchtime, we went back over to see Grandma & Grandpa Ransom, so we could all give each other more gifts.
Olivia really likes the feather boa from Aunt Nancy, that she can add to her dress-up clothes. We hope it still has feathers left by the end of the month, it sheds.
Vincent is saying, “a train? I wanted socks!” Actually, Vincent was taking a nap when everyone else was opening their presents from Grandpa and Grandma. We made him open his when he was only half awake, and he was cranky.After a late lunch, or early dinner, we went over to Walla Walla to see Grandma and Grandpa Crowther. Grandpa Paul got Vincent a racecar that goes with his racetrack, and he didn’t even know Santa was bringing the racetrack. With a third car, Vincent can have 50% more fun than he could have had.
Elizabeth got a loom from Grandma Mary. She spent the rest of the night weaving, and she wanted to weave in the car, but it was too dark. “Just let me hold it, dad. I won’t get it out,” said Elizabeth. Yeah right! The loom had to go in the trunk.Olivia received a set of tiny dolls that she loves to play with. She already decided that they are friends with her other tiny dolls.
Edited to add: If you want to see more of the fun at Grandma Mary’s house, check out her blog.
We get to continue our fun next Tuesday with NaDell’s family. It is always fun to be around our family.

4 responses to “Christmas comes at last!

  1. Mary says:

    I think that you are all very blessed to have two sets of grandparents to share Christmas day with… We love you! Nice to see Andy wearing his flameing fleece jacket he got a few years ago.

  2. janaemadsen says:

    I love the printer. That is a good present.Merry Christmas!

  3. Sven says:

    I love your son's face at the very top photo…looks like he's plotting an uprising.

  4. Now that's a party. I wish we had a Herod puppet too. I guess we can't all be like the Ransoms, although we tried this year with the magnet dolls – big hit over here.

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