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Goals and New Year’s Eve

on December 31, 2009

My goals for this year aren’t changing drastically from the ones I made last year. I still need to do most of the ones from 2009 to make sure they are a habit and to remind myself to do them.

Ransom Family Goals for 2010

1. Attend Temple as a couple monthly.

2. Be Financially FREE by:
a. Eat out as a family only once a month.
b. Keep an agreed budget.
c. Buy things we need on sale and in bulk to prepare.

3. Work harder on Fasting and Prayer.

4. Missionary Work as a family by reaching out to neighbors and people we see daily and talking about the gospel and how it helps our lives.

5. Make healthy and frugal dinners nightly and lunches for Andy and Elizabeth daily.

6. Scrapbook 2008 and 2009.

7. Continue to make cross-stitch gifts for weddings and babies and help Elizabeth and Olivia make gifts for friends’ birthdays in addition to small store bought gift.

8. Keep adding to food storage supply.

9. Help our family GROW and be happy together.

10. Continue to read scriptures and other books with kids.

Because I was too busy last year with #7, #6 did not get done. I’m already ahead of the game for next year though because all the 2008 pictures are organized, the 2009 papers to go with the 2009 pictures are organized and the 2009 pictures (except for those from the last week) are ordered and will be shipped to me soon. I’m confident that I can complete that goal this year.

On a separate note, we celebrated with the kids at noon today with a few of their friends at our house. I found a few sites online for cute and cheap party crafts and we made those, then they counted down, ate their sack lunches, and had a little time to play too.
Blowing kazoos after the big countdown. Look how red Elizabeth’s face is getting. It cracks me up.

I found both ideas from this blog. One is the pipe cleaner 2010 glasses and the other is a toilet paper tube with a hole punch, a piece of wax paper, and a rubberband around it to make a kazoo. The kids LOVED it.

I’ll tell about my side’s Christmas party after I am emailed some pictures because my pictures are BAD. (hint, hint.) After the party I did look through my camera manual and figure out the settings that have been mixed up for a while. I think it’s all fixed now. Only a day or two late.

After that party, my brother from Idaho Falls and his wife and two sons spent the night here. They played all day with the kids here and ate breakfast and lunch with us before moving onto another brother’s house for New Year’s Eve. Elizabeth wanted to fix Aunt Tina’s hair. Aunt Tina then fixed her crazy hair too. Elizabeth kept asking Uncle Brant to wrestle. He kept telling her that he just ate. I told him to just tell her NO if he didn’t want to. Not a big deal to tell kids no at our house. I say it almost constantly. I know they understand it. He’s a third grade teacher. I figured he knew that.
We had a fun day with them and will be able to see them tomorrow again before they have to drive back home.
Happy New Year!


5 responses to “Goals and New Year’s Eve

  1. Jemmett Clan says:

    how fun!! I lofe the idea of having the count down at noon!! I am also glad to hear that I am not the only one saying "no"!! See you tomorrow!!

  2. You guys are the creative ones. Love the glasses, love the braids, love the goals. Good luck!

  3. Hi NaDell,Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I enjoyed visiting your blog. You have some wonderful family goals!! I'm especially loving your temple goals – terrific : )Toni

  4. Mary says:

    Dad noted the GROW your family goal, Is that an announcement??? Maybe you were meaning growing taller…

  5. NaDell says:

    That's an announcement that an announcement may come this year sometime. =)

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