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Elizabeth’s Art Contest

on January 10, 2010

Throughout the Country, students of all ages create projects for a contest called, Reflections. The projects are judged by level for the school with the top three moving onto the District level where if they win first place, they move onto State, and then to Nationals. Elizabeth didn’t make it that far (yeah, even with all that build up), but she did get third place at her school. See the other winning entries here. Her picture is in the Visual Arts Primary. The theme was “Beauty Is…” If you want to know more about the levels, look here at the Washington State PTA site. They have people from the area who are knowledgeable in the area judge each entry.

Elizabeth’s creation is the orange butterfly. It is several different pieces of paper glued together and then colored with crayons and colored pencils.We went to the District ceremony on Thursday night. I called Andy’s parents to see if they could come (but forgot to call until Wednesday, so luckily they were both available-after three canceled piano lessons. Elizabeth picked where we should go to eat to celebrate and they were able to join us for that too.

Elizabeth was waiting to see anyone she knew to show them her picture. We actually knew a large percentage of the students, mostly from church.The pictures next to the stage didn’t work well, so I took this one of her with her certificate and green participant ribbon.This is the Superintendent of our Richland School District, Jean Lane reading off the names. She gave a great disclaimer at the beginning about how long it takes parents to think of names for their children and how she wanted to honor them by saying names correctly and that she even asked for phonetic spelling for each student’s name, but if she messed it up, she didn’t mean to. (I LOVED this, in particular because my name was constantly pronounced and spelled wrong as a kid.) You can also see some of the other entries behind her. The ceremony only lasted a half hour so it was very nice. They had refreshments in the cafeteria afterwards and then we were able to put the kids to bed at their normal time.
Here are some better close ups of her picture.
This one has her certificate from her school and her third place ribbon.
We are happy Elizabeth participated and had a fun time with it. Next time she should make an entry for chorography because no one in the District in the primary level made an entry for it, so she would have automatically won and gone to State. Or I could get Olivia to do it next year. That would be fun!


8 responses to “Elizabeth’s Art Contest

  1. Mary says:

    This Grandma and Grandpa are proud of her for entering her Art too. Congrats to her for winning a ribbon. No matter the color.

  2. laralbryant says:

    That's really cool that she entered her picture and got a ribbon!! I remember I got a savings bond and plaque for the "Energy Works" contest in 5th grade. I felt so accomplished!!

  3. Carrie says:

    That is so cool – tell her congratulations from us. She's very talented!

  4. shaunie says:

    How fun for her! I placed 2nd in that same category in 7th grade, but I don't remember at what level. And I never got my picture back. Go after dance next year!

  5. Kim Despain says:

    Congrats Elizabeth!!

  6. Jenks Jive says:

    Congratulations Elizabeth! I could never convince Jacob to make something for it. :(

  7. Lisa says:

    Great job Elizabeth!!I almost spelled it with an 's' but caught myself :)

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