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on January 18, 2010

One of my friends emailed me yesterday to see if she could buy an apron for her sister from me. I said I would get right on that and started thinking about how I could do it. She sent me this picture as her idea. I talked with my seamstress mother in law when we went over for dinner to get her ideas (and if I couldn’t do it, to see if she would) and she helped me visualize how to put it together.
I made this green one out of some fabric I already had to see if I could even do it. I’m not really an experienced seamstress and this style is a little harder than most aprons. I used different material and made one for one of my best friends. I think it will be her birthday present in April. The light yellow and red came from her daughter’s bedding that I used on the cross-stitch I made for her daughter. These are her favorite colors and she loves to cook. I hope she likes it. I know I’m missing lace, rik rak, and the ribbon bow. I might add those on. It’s a really long apron too and the ties in the back weren’t quite long enough, but for a first try (with only minor seam picking out), I thought I did pretty well.
Vincent napped really late on Sunday after sleeping more than 12 hours (10:30pm-11am) on Saturday night, so he wasn’t tired and I stayed up working on this and he watched some Dora until we both went to bed at 3am.
I took the kids to the crazy fabric store this afternoon to buy the needed materials for the black, white, and red apron and bought some other fabrics to make a few more aprons to sell on the Ransom.Made design site and at our Spring Event April 16th and 17th.
What colors are your favorite in the kitchen? What colors would YOU like on your apron? If you want to buy one, let me know.
Now, back to crafting with all that new material (and hopefully I sell some of these things soon, so I can keep crafting….)
Make sure you check out my food blog too. I’ve been updating it with yummy recipes lately.
Oh, I forgot to add in here that the lady cutting our fabric at the store asked Elizabeth if her dad had red hair. She said no and Olivia and her both said that he has black hair and blue eyes and that the rest of us have brown eyes. The lady looked all confused as to where Elizabeth got her red hair. Seriously? Isn’t my hair red? I’m pretty sure it is! I told her she got her red hair from me and the lady looked at me like my hair wasn’t red. It is? Isn’t it? It’s not blonde or brown. Does it look like that? Maybe her eyesight is going or something. Weird.
This has happened before when Elizabeth was a baby. Once I was out with my mother in law and the checker asked where Elizabeth got her red hair. My MIL pointed at my head and said, “Uh, probably her MOM.” I know it’s not the exact same shade of red (her’s is darker), but it’s still red. I just don’t get it.
Something funny on the way home in the car: As we drove over a little swampy part of the Yakima River, Elizabeth said, “Hey look, the Jordan River!” As in the river Jesus was baptized in…Yeah, um, no. Not quite, but I’m glad you’ve heard of that someplace.


4 responses to “More Craftiness

  1. Carrie says:

    Yeah, I would say your hair is red. Was it pulled back in a pony tail, making it look darker? I don't see how someone could mistake that.

  2. NaDell says:

    No, no ponytail. All down and curly like normal. The lady next to me looked confused about it too. =)

  3. That hair question cracks me up! You and Elizabeth are so lucky to have such gorgeous hair. I wish you could give it to us too.

  4. Mom2fur says:

    First, the apron is gorgeous just as it is! You did a great job. If you wanted to, you could get some of those pre-made rosettes and put one at the center and at each tie. Second, I think your hair is strawberry blonde, and last I heard, strawberries were red! I think that lady needs glasses, LOL!

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