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Happy Birthday, Vincent!

on January 31, 2010

Vincent is two years old today. He is a pretty fun kid. See? Just look at that face! He is always up to something fun.Vincent has discovered the fun of knock knock jokes. At least he thinks he has. On Tuesday Elizabeth brought home a bookmark from the library with a joke on it. I read it to her and then she repeated it to me. Then Olivia repeated it. Then Vincent started with “Knock knock.” When you say, “Who’s there?”, he responds with “Knock knock”. It’s super fun. You should try it.
So the continuation of this is that on the way home from ballet Wednesday afternoon (a whole day later), Vincent randomly said, “Knock knock.” I think he likes it.
Here are some other things he says. Most of the time he doesn’t need coaching, but something about when you take the camera out makes it so they stop doing what they were doing so cute that you got the camera out. Olivia was helping me coach him too.

This is my favorite picture of him as a baby. He’s just two weeks old here. It was Aunt Torrie’s wedding and I found him this adorable vest outfit. I love baby church clothes!!!Too bad he’s still a little sick today and we are staying home from church. We are going to have cake with Andy’s family tonight though. I made some yummy looking cakes yesterday.


4 responses to “Happy Birthday, Vincent!

  1. Mary says:

    Grandpa came out form his "resting" to hear Vincent talking on the video. He said, "How cute". I say he doesn't look too sick to me. He is a pretty cute kid! Thanks for posting. Missed seeing both of you on Saturday.

  2. NaDell says:

    I did wipe his nose right before the video and the video was on Thursday. He sounds worse at night hacking and stuff. He's getting better.

  3. Happy birthday Vincent! Two years old already? Gees, he must have the US map memorized by now.

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