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Little Stories

on February 5, 2010

Elizabeth has been pretty good about sharing things she gets with Olivia, but mostly because I make her. They both really enjoy Vincent’s toys too, which is pretty funny. This is the toy they all like the most. The girls like to fill it with Polly Pockets and Pet Shop toys. I make them give it back to Vincent when he wakes up from his nap.
Olivia started starting each sentence with this: “When I was a whittle (little) girl…” I like it because she is four. She hasn’t had that long to have memories of so many things, right? I made tater tot casserole last night and today when I heated it up for lunch, she said, “When I was a whittle girl, I really liked this. I still like this.” Guess I don’t make it very often anymore.

Olivia is also VERY excited about going to Red Robin tonight for dinner. Because of Vincent’s and Elizabeth’s birthdays, we have two free kids meals and Andy won some RR gift cards from work, so it won’t cost us anything. I asked Andy on the phone on Monday if he wanted to go that night or Friday night and she overheard me, so she’s been excited to go and on the countdown all week. She’s getting so smart, learning her days of the week better, numbers, letters, matching. She’s surprising me! Elizabeth was so stubborn about all of that and Olivia will just come up and bring me something to ask what it says.Tomorrow Elizabeth turns seven. Elizabeth had her friend party taken away because she just doesn’t stop when it’s time to stop, even if we tell her over and over. Two Sundays ago she kept trying to wrestle (for minutes) while the rest of us were ready to say family prayers. I had to take away wrestling for a week and finally took away her friend party. Monday I gave her a second chance because I hate taking away fun things like that. I told her that if she behaved, then she could still have a party. She was terrorizing Olivia and Vincent all week still even with repeated warnings. I did give her another chance this week to be good and one friend can come over Friday after school to play. She didn’t do well again.
I hate being the tough mom and taking away the fun things though. I like throwing birthday parties and they love having friends over. Maybe next year will be easier since she will know I’m serious when I warn her that I’ll take away her party. We will still have cake and ice cream with family. Don’t worry. Olivia keeps asking me if she will still have a party. We aren’t talking about her party in August yet. She also likes to tell her friends that it’s almost her birthday. Then, I tell the parent that yeah, it’s almost her birthday…..in August. Kids are silly.


2 responses to “Little Stories

  1. Kim says:

    It's not fun to take stuff away, but it usually works. All Jay or I have to say to our teens is "Give me your cell phone." 99% of the time, there's an instant attitude adjustment and when there's not, we just pocket the phone. Good luck! And Happy Birthday to Elizabeth!

  2. Mary says:

    Good for you to stick to your word and take away the party, it's less work for you… ATTITUDE? where did she get that? hahahaha

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