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Final Birthday-for a while

on February 12, 2010

Elizabeth and Christopher were born a day apart. Christopher is Andy’s cousin. Andy’s dad’s baby brother’s son, born ten years after their sixth child. Christopher has a baby brother, Brent, who is six months older than Olivia. We celebrated with them on Monday night with Andy’s family.
I made more Lego cakes. This time they were Nacho Cheese yellow. The frosting helped the marshmallows slip, even with the toothpicks I used to hold them. I also use toothpicks to keep the frosting off the wrap-clever tip for traveling with cakes or covering them in the fridge or on top of the washing machine so no one will mess with them. We are so glad we have fun cousins close by who we can play with. We trade babysitting for doctor appointment or drop our kids off when we go to the Temple sometimes. We also get to combine birthday parties. Here is a picture of their third birthday party. I like that Chris’s shirt says, “You don’t know me.” You probably don’t know him.Vincent got a card with some money in it. He really enjoyed this quarter. I think he even said, “Money!”It was a lot of fun to visit and watch the kids play together. They get to play more on President’s Day because there isn’t school. That should be fun for Elizabeth and Chris.


One response to “Final Birthday-for a while

  1. Kim says:

    I can't believe how grown up everyone is looking ~ looks like a fun party! Wish we lived closer!

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