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Yarn Hearts and more

on February 12, 2010

After school on Monday, the girls wanted to do a craft project, so I got out the magazine article I tore out a month or so ago that I planned on doing with them. It’s a yarn heart stitched on paper. The girls enjoyed it.
Olivia working on her heart. Elizabeth used the variegated yarn and it looked really neat. The only trouble was that the middle wanted to arch out, so I weaved a little through the middle to secure mine. The girls took their hearts to the birthday party on Monday night to give to their cousins. I found Vincent watching Dora like this a few nights ago after Andy went to the other side of the house. Makes me wonder what else he does when left to his own devices…He was eating some M&M’s with daddy.
I also made myself a chore chart a few weeks ago. I am working on making the type nicer because when I made this one I had to print out the words and then cut and paste (for real, not just cut and paste on the computer) the words into a circle shape, then scan, delete all the black lines where the pieces fit together, and put it into a different file. It was a lot of steps. Andy made a template for me to make a better one, so I’m working on that.
This chore chart has been very good for me. Each day I have different chores and it rotates so I don’t forget how long it’s been since I cleaned the bathroom (my worst place to clean). I also have dusting, paperwork, and cleaning out the car on my chart so it gets done. I plan on selling these (customized, if desired) at the Spring Event. It will have a magnet on the back and a list of daily chores on the front too. I have mostly stuck with the chores. I dusted the living room last week, so this week I dusted and cleaned mirrors in the bathroom and bedrooms. I am tackling a different major kitchen appliance each week too. This has helped me not clean in a marathon way one day a week. I like it more. Today the bathroom and organizing toys are on the list. Gotta get going on that!


2 responses to “Yarn Hearts and more

  1. I like your chore chart, it's cute and sounds like a good plan. the yarn hearts are really cute too. Happy Valentine's day.

  2. Jenks Jive says:

    The yarn hearts are sooo cute. I'll have to try that. Maybe we'll do eggs for Easter.

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