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Chore Chart

on February 16, 2010

A little update on my chore chart. I feel all accountable since making it. Keep reading to the bottom for a little surprise.

I made this chart a month or so ago after talking to one of my cousins who said that by the time she is done cleaning the house she has to start all over again. I made it for ME so that I don’t have to have marathon days of cleaning. I divided the chores between the days and added a little list of daily chores as well. Instead I look at my handy chart and do the chore for the day.Since I made the chore chart for myself, things have been so much nicer around here. I know what is coming next on the list and if I know I’ll be super busy and won’t do the chore that day, I can split it up and do it the day before or after and it still gets done.
Today was the kitchen deep cleaning day and I had to clean the oven. I made this chart the middle of January, but just bought the oven cleaner spray, so it had to be done. It’s been on my list of “to-do’s” since before Christmas. Now, don’t think that I actually clean the oven that often. I do clean the burners and top fairly often. I’m pretty sure I cleaned the oven when we moved it (or at least wiped it down), but that is getting very close to four years, so I’m actually really bad at it. After doing it, I forget how easy it is with the spray. Not that bad. Kind of like mopping the floor. It usually takes ten minutes or so, but I put it off. Hence the chore chart I made for myself. Now I have no excuses. Each week I plan on making sure an appliance is clean (oven, stovetop, toaster, microwave, fridge, freezer, and repeat.)

I even had a little four year old helper today who wanted to clean the floor with me with rags and a bucket on her hands and knees like Cinderella. She sang Cinderella songs with me too and asked if we could do it everyday! When Elizabeth got home, she wanted to help clean the floor and wash the walls too. I think she was distracted by the nice weather outside before getting to the walls, but she wanted to ride her scooter. When it was time for dinner, I asked who wanted to wash the table and Olivia jumped right on that. She was all excited.

Just in case you would like a list of the chores I have on the chart they are:
Daily Chores:
*Dinner (I like to make most of dinner preparation during Vincent’s naptime, so it’s not so hard after school and everything is ready to go.)
*Replace Hand towels and Washcloths
*Tidy House

Sunday: Day of Rest/Family Day
Monday: Launder Clothing/Clean Car and Entry
Tuesday: Kitchen Deep Clean and Mop/Paperwork (kid papers, cards, bills)
Wednesday: Make Grocery List, Vacuum and Dust,Run Errands
Thursday: Grocery Shopping/Weekly Menu
Friday: Deep Clean Bathroom/Organize Toys
Saturday: Change Beds/Launder Bedding and Towels

I’m giving one (or maybe two) of these away.
Tell me which day you do your grocery shopping and I’ll arrange it on a chore chart especially for you.
I have set it up in a new program Andy helped to make so I can easily change the chores. For this one, I printed the chores, cut them out, glued them on a different piece of paper, then scanned that, erased all the black lines that showed, and reprinted it. A little too time consuming and my husband is great and fixed it for me, so your chart will look nicer.

Giveaway ends February 28th.


8 responses to “Chore Chart

  1. Kim says:

    Great idea ~ I've done things like that before. It's nice to know that even when you can't do it on a certain day, at least you still have a plan. And super cute on the Olivia/Cinderella thing. Anna used to be a super good helper too and she still is my best helper, just not as willingly anymore :-) So enjoy that while you can!

  2. Jenks Jive says:

    I need more organization in my like. I'm ADHD when it comes to cleaning. I start one project and get distracted by some other mess I see. Super cute. P.S. I don't have a set day to do grocery shopping. Hmmm… Probably Monday. :)

  3. shaunie says:

    I like to see that someone else is trying to get organized as well! My cleaning habits have been completely sabotaged since the move to CA, and I'm still trying to figure out how to organize it all. This has given me some inspiration!

  4. janaemadsen says:

    that is a super good idea- I love the rotating wheel! we do grocery shopping on Friday

  5. Alissa says:

    Grocery shopping on a certain day? Wow. Now that's organization for you! Love the chart idea. Smart – very smart. Have you thought about laminating it so you can write on it with marker (and then wipe off) if it's a particularly busy week or have extra stuff to do? Just a little thought.

  6. Suzanne says:

    Cute idea. I don't have little ones anymore, but I could have used one of these years ago!

  7. Leanne says:

    Thanks for joining the party. Great idea. It's so much easier to get things done when you have a plan.

  8. Kansas Amy says:

    Love it! What a wonderful idea!! Thank you for sharing!

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