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Park in the Dark

on February 22, 2010

On a lark. (Did I already say it was the park and it was dark?) We didn’t hear any barking or do any markings. Too far? Yeah, I thought so.
I took the kids to the library and then a park right after school today. We got home just before Andy and then ate dinner (French Dips) and were off to a bigger park for our family night activity. We had to do it backwards in an attempt to get there before it was dark. Too late. Andy asked the girls in the car if they would rather play now for 15 minutes or an hour tomorrow when it’s light. They decided now. Go figure. Kids always want what they want now.
The lights on the tennis court came on soon after we got there (and made me want to play tennis SO bad!), so there was a little light. There wasn’t anyone else there to have to share with either. It was actually pretty fun!

Elizabeth was just a little excited about the playground.I took Vincent on the zipline. He liked it enough to go with Andy too.Olivia on the zipline. She liked it, but not enough to go again.I’m pretty sure Elizabeth enjoyed the zipline.One of the few shots of Vincent that his coat hood didn’t cover his eyes.
Andy with Vincent on the zipline.
Obviously, my camera doesn’t do all that well in the dark with all the little spots. I actually took 60 pictures and deleted all but 16 because some of them the flash didn’t go off and others Vincent only showed the top of his head.
The girls with the huge fish.
Vincent on the huge fish.
Vincent tried out the slides. He likes when I count down 3-2-1-blast off!!! He also likes, 1-2-3, Go! and Ready-Set-Go!Olivia climbing through the “spider webs” right before the spider webs swallowed up her shoe. And, yes, that IS her candy cane dress. It won’t fit next year and I forgot to get it out at Christmas, so I’m letting her wear it now. She loves it.And then it was time to go home to finish FHE and get ready for bed.


6 responses to “Park in the Dark

  1. Fun! I want to check out that big fish.

  2. Alissa says:

    Sounds like a great night!

  3. Kim says:

    We love parks in the dark! Sounds like you've watched Princess Bride lately ~ haha!

  4. Carrie says:

    What a great Family Home Evening! We're going to have to check out Howard Amon after hours sometime. Whenever we use the zip line when we're there, Brian ends up getting stuck pushing ALL the kids in line.

  5. Mary says:

    Sounds like a Dr Seuss book to me…Glad you could have fun. I'd be afraid of stepping in something in our park at night…everybody and their DOG goes there…

  6. Jenks Jive says:

    How nice that no one else was there. It can get crazy around there.

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