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Farm Visit

on February 27, 2010

Elizabeth used to call my grandparents who live on a farm “Farm Grandma” and “Farm Grandpa”. We went out to visit them on this unscheduled Saturday afternoon when our family was finally all healthy enough to not pass on anything to aging and ailing grandparents. (Hopefully. You never know with tiny kids!)
As soon as I told the kids that we were going to visit them, they asked if they could play with the cool marble track. That’s the first thing they asked Grandma and Grandpa too.
My grandma asked Elizabeth if she would read her a book that she picked out previous to our visit. I took a video. Grandma Zora is why we have an Elizabeth Zora. She read the “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” if you can understand her with all the background noise. Andy was telling Olivia about how long it’s going to take to get to Las Vegas this summer after she complained about the 45 minute trip to Mesa.

My grandma used to be the librarian at a school when her kids were in school and I always loved reading books there and smelling them. They had a great old book smell. A few books I have that were hers still have that great smell in the binding.
My grandpa was not feeling very well. He is in bad health. He is dealing with pain from shingles on his head right now and told us that it feels like a bunch of needles stuck in his head. He asked me if I would hit him in the head. I wouldn’t do it. He said that he went to the doctor this past week and the doctor told him that it should feel better by June. That’s WAY too long to deal with it. Poor grandpa. The doctor also told my grandma that if grandpa was hurting, that she could hit him in the knee with her cane (she has osteoporosis and needs a cane after fractured bones) and then he’d be distracted by that pain instead. I’m fairly certain she would never do that. I know my time spent with my grandparents is limited and I want to make sure my kids remember them.
We also watched a home video collection of a family gatherings from when I was nine. My hair was in it’s giant red triangle stage at that point, but at least my kids could see who I was in the group. It was fun to point out who was who and laugh with my grandparents.
While they read Vincent wanted some camera time. I told him to smile and this is what he did.And then I got this one. I’m a little worried about his two year pictures that I have to have taken soon.My kids were “starving” so grandma asked them if they wanted ice cream. I remember always being hungry (not really hungry, my mom was always embarrassed when we’d ask for graham crackers from her cupboard) there. My grandma was always so sweet and would give us each a whole graham cracker. The little things really do mean so much to kids.
We played some Scrabble with grandma before we left while the kids finished their ice cream and watched the beginning of Shirley Temple’s Heidi (one of the only movies I remember watching at their house). Grandma enjoys Scrabble and plays against herself all the time, so we try to play with her when we get the chance.
We had a wonderful visit and a fun ride home (most of the way-it’s about 45 minutes or so and the kids like to poke at each other some of the time). The kids wanted to eat dinner immediately, but I told them we could go to “Mom’s Restaurant” instead. Elizabeth decided that Andy was the taxi driver. I was the cook. Elizabeth was the mom with Olivia as her “sweetie” daughter and Vincent was a burglar that they caught (he had a toy water gun that he brought in the car with him.) They even offered to pay us for our services. We earned six cents each. When we got home I told them to take their seats and that their meal would be right out. Elizabeth “ordered” chicken pot pie and tater tots with Orange KoolAid. Olivia ordered the House Chili (the chili I made last night) and tater tots with Orange KoolAid. We even kept up the use of polite talking and manners and it was great.


2 responses to “Farm Visit

  1. Carrie says:

    My kids do the same thing! I can feed them lunch thirty second before we get to Grandma's house, but once they get there, they're "starving."One time when my mom was babysitting Ethan and Marcus, Ethan turned to her just a minute or two after I left her house and said, "I'm hungry…Chicken nuggets will do just fine."

  2. amber w says:

    Sounds like a really nice day. I'm sure Grandma and Grandpa loved the company.

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