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On the Hunt

on April 2, 2010

For Easter eggs that is…..
We had an Easter Egg Hunt this morning at the church for the kids. (I guess it’s pretty obvious that it’s for the kids…)
We met in the Primary room while bigger kids hid the eggs all around the outside of the church and they reviewed the Resurrection story with the clues inside eggs, like a rock and cloth and that sort of thing. I love that. Then they told some kids that they could color and play some games while we waited, but it was only a few seconds before they had the littlest kids go out. Vincent was all upset that he didn’t get to play the game right after he finally figured out what it was. Once I told him we were going to get eggs, he cheered up.
Vincent just wanted the candy in the eggs, so I had to urge him on to get some more. Each kid was supposed to bring twelve eggs, so each kid is supposed to leave with twelve.
Olivia and Elizabeth came out a few minutes later, found all their eggs in record time and rushed over to help Vincent. (I may or may not have told them that was what they were to do or I’d eat all their candy! I’m kidding, but I’m pretty sure I did tell them that. When you’re the mom of three kids, they sometimes need harsh threats to listen and obey. And they do share with me on their own too.)
Helping Vincent search for eggs. See any?We found the lady with the big basket of extra eggs, so the girls each “hid” some for Vincent and guarded them from the other kids.
Olivia guarding Vincent and making sure he got his egg.Vincent was sick of standing by the girls (it’s almost like they hang on him and hover….) and wanted a closeup. Happy Easter! And Monday will be back to school! Hooray!


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