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More Easter Fun

on April 4, 2010

Saturday brought General Conference followed by a visit to Walla Walla for a picnic and Easter Egg hunt with my family.
During the second session of General Conference, Andy got out the dye to color eggs with Elizabeth and Olivia. (Vincent was conveniently napping then.) They also filled our plastic eggs with candy for the hunt in Walla Walla.
Elizabeth and Olivia each wore an apron to protect their clothes. They had fun.Elizabeth with her eggs.
As soon as the second session was over, we got in the car for Walla Walla. We got there in time to eat some dinner, for the dads to hide the eggs in the backyard, and then for the kids to find the eggs before it was time for the men to go to the Priesthood Session of General Conference. The kids ate one egg each (that’s how I make them do it. Give it to them one egg at a time and then a while later another one. That’s how we ran errands after the Friday Easter Egg Hunt.)
Looking hard. The cousins who were able to come. Milton and Christen’s five aren’t here because they were out of town. Eight was plenty, but we missed them.Vincent’s one piece of Double Bubble lasted for more than an hour. He kept it in his mouth and I made him spit it out when he wanted a chocolate covered marshmallow that my mom made. This is where they were each picking one egg.We took them back outside to play games. They wanted to play “Red light, green light.”Elizabeth wanted to pick a flower for me out of grandma’s garden, but I told her I’d rather take her picture in front of the flowers and keep it. Vincent wanted his picture taken because I took Elizabeth’s.We played Uno and Frog Tennis with the kids. They loved it.That’s me playing with each of my kids. If you look just to the left of my head, you can see my senior picture. Mostly we tried to visit with eight kids running around playing loudly.

The guys all came back and we visited some more (I just realized that we never got out that PIE mom!) We played a few games and then left close to 10pm. And then we had the conversation that I posted previously. Andy did add a little to it since I posted, if you want to read it.


4 responses to “More Easter Fun

  1. you got some good shots!! i love that picture of elizabeth!! she looks so grown up!! it was nice to see you guys!!

  2. Mary says:

    LOUDLY playing puts it mildly! Talk about noisy kids, I bet the neighbors heard it too. The pie came out today. Not enough to share yesterday. Sorry. Thanks for taking pics.

  3. amber w says:

    I love all the smiles. Looks like everyone had a fabulous Easter.

  4. Kim says:

    Looks like a fun Easter!! Cute pic of Elizabeth in front of the flowers!

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