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Get ready, get set

on April 11, 2010

This past week (instead of blogging, obviously) I have been making calls for the bake sale I’m in charge of for Elizabeth’s school and hoping that we will have enough help, buying cake mixes in case I need to make hundreds of cupcakes, babysitting for a friend a few days, sewing up a storm for our Ransom.Made design Spring Event, making trips to JoAnn’s to get more supplies, thinking about what I need to pack for Disneyland a week from Monday, going to fun things like a birthday dessert with some friends for a friend’s birthday, PTA meeting, game night here, church co-ed adult volleyball, and of course the regular taking care of the kids and all that stuff. I’ve had somewhere to go every night this week and this week’s looking pretty crazy as well. This weekend was Stake Conference, so Andy and I went out to dinner without the kids and even went to get ice cream with some friends after. Then I came home and finished up two more fancy aprons. I want to get all the projects that I have supplies for done by early this week so hopefully they will sell. The middle of next week I’ll be baking like a mad woman instead of crafting.
My mother in law, Andy’s aunt, a good family friend, and Andy’s sisters all make different fun things too. You can check out the website if you want to.
Here are the things I will have for sale at the Spring Event, in case you are interested.

Mommy and Me Reversible Aprons
What is better than baking with your daughter or imagining your daughter baking with your granddaughter? Imagining them wearing matching aprons! There are several fabrics to choose from. Child size:$15, Adult Size: $20 or for one of each: $30.
I can do special orders if you would like different fabrics or more than a set of two.
Pink with brown reversible
Blue with Brown reversible
Green with Brown reversibleFancy Apron
This apron is so fun and would be great for hosting a dinner party or just for jazzing up a weeknight meal. It makes you feel beautiful simply by tying it on! I’m serious. I could change the accent color or fabric, if you would like as well. $25
Single Apron
This is another apron I made with the pieces I had leftover from the others. It is reversible as well and would be fun for a teenager too, I think. The skirt part is puffier for fun. $20
Pink and Brown reversibleDice and Star Thumbtacks
These are fun to dress up the boring bulletin board or even just to hang your calendar on the wall. 2 for a $1.
Glass Magnets with and without words
I love having things on my refrigerator that inspire me and are pretty. Each set $2.These have fun paper that show through to dress up the magnets. The magnets are very strong and can hold a few pieces of paper to a fridge. Fabric Covered Mousepads
I have many different styles of these mousepads, including some that are more male friendly. $6
I Spy Bags
These are great for kids of all ages (and adults). They have a list of items to find on one side and the items with filling (I have switched to using rice because of cost and it works great.) on the other side. The outside is vinyl which is easy to wipe down when kids slobber on it or get it sticky. Small sized to fit in your purse easily. $3Baby Touch and Feel Quilt
Touch and Feel baby quilt that is great for “tummy time”. It has all different textures and patterns for babies to look at. $24
Girl Version
Boy VersionMicrowave Potato Bags
This bag makes a perfect potato in the microwave in minutes. You just wrap your clean potatoes in a paper towel, cook for the time directed, and take them out of the bag at the table. Perfect for when you don’t have an hour to bake a potato and even better for small families. $6Chore Chart
This one you have probably heard plenty about if you read my blog, but it’s a wheel that turns with the chores you do each week. It saves me time and paper because I don’t have to write everything I need to do down every day and it helps me keep track of when I did the particular chore last. It is magnetic to fit on your fridge and looks nice too. $3
Kid Tote Bags
Kid tote bags with notebooks and markers. These are 5×5 size and just the right size for a small toy or two. $4
Appliqued Onsies
I love it when baby boys are dressed up in their Sunday best. This little onsie makes that easy with a sewn on tie that won’t get in their face or make something else you have to wash when they spit up. The girl heart onsie will go with almost anything in your daughter’s collection and is SO much nicer than a plain ole white onsie.
Newborn size (5-8 pounds) $5 eachCar Roll Up
Car roll up for playing on the run. This is great for keeping little boys busy and (mostly) quiet. The pockets are large and the cars fit all the way in. This saves you from digging to the bottom of your bag for the cars your kids love and it has it’s own road to drive on so maybe they won’t drive on your legs. $8
Appliqued Season Pillows
I also finished this set of pillows that Shirley (my mother in law) made. All I had to do was choose fabric for the back, sew them up, and fill them with stuffing. I’ll sell them, but I won’t make more, since I’m not good at applique stuff. =) $20I still want to make a few other things, but that will have to wait until next time (maybe!)
Let me know if you need any other information.


5 responses to “Get ready, get set

  1. Mary says:

    The potato bags are good for warming tortillas also. Your sewing is improving. The aprons turned out very cute.

  2. Cali says:

    Cute stuff! I like the magnets

  3. NaDell…you are AMAZING!!!! Such cute stuff.

  4. Stevens says:

    Love it all NaDell! You did an awesome job on all of them! My favorite is the mom and daughter aprons! :)

  5. Kelsey says:

    All very cute. Can I buy a car roll up from you? I can pay for shipping. Email me if you can. thanks NaDell.

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