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This Week

on April 16, 2010

I have been busy. I’m always busy, but the last few weeks have been even busier than normal. I think I explained that in one of the last posts, but seriously, busy.
Andy asked me on Wednesday after work why I hadn’t blogged about Tuesday night’s Clot Trot yet. Maybe because I was busy all day and night. After beating Andy and Nathan at a few games, I stayed up the whole night. By the time it was four in the morning, I figured it wasn’t worth it to go to bed, so I finished all the rest of my crafts for the Ransom.Made design Spring Event this Friday and Saturday. Andy came out at 6am and asked me if I ever went to bed. I still felt pretty good. Most of that time was tagging my things and finishing little details of projects. I am nearly done with the last of the aprons. That’s on the list for Friday at some point, along with organizing the bake sale at the school. Thursday was dropping off my items for sale at Shirley’s, a dentist appointment (I rested there), home for lunch and nap for Vincent, pick up Elizabeth, dance for Elizabeth, home, dinner, sewing. Thursday night was spent baking the mixes that were donated for the bake sale. I’m not even adding in regular stuff like laundry, dishes, mopping, kids, dinner, etc. Wait, I guess I did now…
Because I’m tired now, I’m going to post the pictures, explain a little, and go to bed.
Maybe I’ll write again on Sunday before our trip to Disneyland. I had to catch up with this now so I didn’t forget.
Tuesday night was the Clot Trot at the park after a busy running around day for me.
My family, minus me, wearing their new, but somewhat ill-fitting, Clot Trot shirts.Andy ended up carrying Vincent for the last part.On Wednesday Olivia’s preschool mommy swap had a field trip to a local middle school to learn about music. The kids sat in on a 8th grade guitar orchestra class, a choir with one boy, and then finally went to the band room where the band teacher played cool drums for them and then they got to play with the drums and other percussion instruments and had a snack. We loved it.Hope you have a fantastic week!


One response to “This Week

  1. Carrie says:

    All the crazy busy-ness is almost over, and then you're off to fun! Yea!Make sure to put Andy in charge of the kids during the plane flight so you can take a nap – you deserve it, and you need your energy to have fun at Disneyland.

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