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on April 23, 2010

You should know me by now enough to know that I take a lot of pictures, even when we are “home”, so a trip to Disneyland is going to take you a little while to read. Just a word of warning. Don’t start reading this blog while your dinner is almost done, your kids need to be at school or someplace, or any other time you are in a hurry….
On Monday, April 19th, we dropped Vincent off at Andy’s sister’s house for some fun there while we went on our trip. He is too short for most of the Disneyland rides and just about all of the California Adventure rides. We didn’t want to have to haul around a stroller or worry about naptime or who gets to stand around waiting for the others to go on a ride and then get a turn to stand in the line after the first set is done. Does that make sense? Well it makes great sense to us! Watching people with their busy toddlers at Disneyland confirmed all of our decisions to us. We even saw people who had what looked like brand new infants! Crazy! Back to the trip, Vincent stayed and played with his cousins Sami and Daphne, so we left Sara with my purple van to drive them around in and went off to the airport.
We flew out at 9am.
Olivia entertaining herself and others while waiting in a long line. It really was a long line, until they opened more stations. They were adjusting schedules for the first flight out of the day that didn’t happen because they needed to replace a part in a different plane.Elizabeth wanted to hug the suitcase too because Olivia was doing it.Again, notebooks and washable markers to the rescue to keep the kids occupied for long periods of time. We didn’t give them to them on the plane until after the seatbelt sign went off so they were super happy when they got them and were busy for a long time.Elizabeth drew this picture for the pilot. An airplane is up there next to the sun. She drew another airplane on the back.The girls were excited and ready for the trip! We flew to Seattle where we had a few hours to waste before flying down to Los Angeles. There was a tiny bit of turbulence on all of our flights, just the wind really, but the girls loved it and would say “Wheeee”. It helped the other passengers to calm down too, I think. Sea-Tac has some little trains that go undergound between terminal buildings, so we rode one for a while to pass the time. To get to the train, you have to go down two tall escalators. Andy got on. I started to get on and then noticed that the girls weren’t getting on, so I had to jump off. I scraped up my foot a little and made them get on! I don’t know why they were suddenly scared of an escalator, but we decided that they needed some more practice, so after the train, I waited at the top while Andy took them practicing. We ate a little lunch and then got ready for the plane to L.A.
They offered old people and those with small children a chance to get on the plane first, so we did, and this gave the girls a chance to meet the pilots. Here’s Olivia with the pilot’s hat on before we took off. He was fun. He talked to them after the flight too.
Elizabeth is too tall to see the pilot, but he’s back there. She’s looking at the flight attendant.
When we got to Los Angeles, we got our bags and hopped on a shuttle bus to our rental car place and then drove over to our hotel to check in.
Then back to the rental car for a little drive around L.A. Andy loves to drive and knows where he is going, so I don’t mind. He doesn’t freak out with all the traffic like I’m sure I would. I took a nap during most of it, so there are no pictures of L.A.’s harbor. Unless you like bridges, or trains, or ships, or cranes, they’d be boring pictures anyway (Andy said this). We drove to Santa Monica to go to a beach, but we couldn’t find any that didn’t charge six bucks to park and it was evening by this point, so we weren’t going to pay to park, so I just took pictures out the window. We drove over to where the Los Angeles Temple is and took pictures on the grounds of the Temple there. We went there on our honeymoon almost nine years ago. We went to Universal Studios and the Chinese Theater one night, L.A. and San Diego Temple one day, to Disneyland the next day and then flew back for Andy’s family reunion and then our reception. It was fun to visit here again.
Tuesday morning we got up bright and early to get ready to wait in line to get into Disneyland.
This is the girls all ready to go. Minnie stayed at the hotel to rest.
We already bought our tickets online, so we didn’t have to wait long.
Andy with the girls waiting for the gate to open.Me with the girls waiting.Our first ride was the rockets, where I saw an unattended baby left in a stroller while its parents were, presumably, on a ride! Then Space Mountain which is Andy’s favorite. Elizabeth was scared of it, but I think she was mostly scared because she closed her eyes during it. That makes all the shifts in speed and direction even worse. Like as a kid on a swing when you lean your head back and close your eyes you think you are going super fast, but you open them and discover that you are barely moving, remember? Anyway, we already had fastpasses (which lets you go almost to the front of the line), so we went a second time on Space Mountain fighting Elizabeth the whole time. Olivia did fine. She said she didn’t like it that much, but she didn’t complain and cry. We finally got Elizabeth to calm down when we told her that we would go on Space Mountain all day until she didn’t cry. That was the last we had to go on it because she toughened up. (Our family motto is “Tough, as in, if you don’t like it, tough!”) We went on the Star Tours ride that is like Star Wars too. She didn’t even like that one much which really surprised us.
Check out the faces on Space Mountain. I wasn’t as scared as this picture looks. Olivia was fine too, but Elizabeth was terrified. Andy is loving it!
Trying to coax Elizabeth into opening her eyes…On the Nemo submarine ride. Andy says: I didn’t want to go on the submarines, because my recollection of them was unenjoyable, but they made the ride a lot more entertaining since I went on it, so it wasn’t so bad.
Andy and I with the kids in front of the castle.
The girls and I waiting in a line.Andy and I with the girls in the teacup. They were wanting to ride the teacup ride since looking at pictures of Disneyland three weeks ago when we planned our trip.The girls next to the Cheshire Cat. They like Alice in Wonderland, especially since reading it last summer.
We saw the Mad Hatter and Alice playing with Peter Pan. Peter Pan ran off past us.
We waited in a really long line to see the fairies.
Tinkerbell’s friend. Elizabeth and Olivia know their names from “The Lost Treasure” Tinkerbell movie.
With Tinkerbell.
The girls with Goofy. Right after I snapped the picture, I told them to come with me and Goofy tried to come too. I told him that he’d better go back because everyone in line would be mad at me if he left with us.
Andy and I with the girls and Minnie Mouse.
Our family (minus Vincent, of course) next to Mickey Mouse as the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. We rode the Storybook boat ride just before leaving. Olivia was sad and tired. We left before fireworks to put them to bed.
On the second day, we rode the old train around Disneyland. We started at the front gate. Andy loves trains, so we had to have a picture.
We started out the day waiting to meet the princesses because we didn’t get there before they were done for the day on Tuesday. We waited a little more than an hour. Meanwhile, Andy went and rode Space Mountain four times in a row.
The girls with Tiana from “The Princess and the Frog”.
The girls and I with Belle from “Beauty and the Beast”.
The girls with Chip and Dale.
Donald Duck with the girls.
After lunch we went over to California Adventures. This was a cool waterfall just inside the gate.Olivia and I went on the Jumping Jellyfish ride while Andy and Elizabeth rode on the Wild-Mouse-type ride that Olivia was too short for. Then I went on it with Elizabeth. Elizabeth said she actually liked that ride.Olivia waiting for another turn at the Jumping Jellyfish ride.Andy with Elizabeth on the Jumping Jellyfish ride.There was a fun Ferris Wheel that rocked. We got in one car. The girls just clung to us. It was sort of cool, but really slow. It was cold and windy too, so it just wasn’t that great to us.
Here’s the Ferris Wheel. The cars on the end don’t move, but the ones on the inside move along the bottom of those oval pieces.The little green army men from Toy Story came through.Andy got a bunch of fast passes for California Screamin’ which goes all over one side of that park, but the girls were too little, so while he went on that twice, I went with the girls on this carousel over and over. We saw Woody over by the water taking pictures with people, but by the time it was our turn, he switched with Jessie from the second movie. She liked Elizabeth’s red hair. One of the people helping with crowd control was a midget (I’m not PC). Elizabeth leaned over and whispered to me, “I think I see a hobbit!” She is reading Lord of the Rings right now with Andy… I told her he wasn’t a hobbit and then like magic, he was right next to me. We went and waited for the fun Toy Story game ride. These are the 3D glasses we all wore in the ride and we played five video type games on a car that spun into each little section with the new game. It was really fun. Then it was my turn for the California Screamin’ ride. I loved it and went again. Andy went once more too. I’m in the third car from the front wearing the pink shirt. I also have bright red hair in case you are still having trouble seeing me. =)
Then we went over to the Bug’s Life section. We had to have a picture by the ladybug. (My mom used to call me ladybug, and in high school my friends started giving me ladybug stuff.)
There was a “Monsters Inc.” ride too. Here are the girls next to Boo’s door.
After the “Monsters, Inc.” ride, we watched a Muppet Show in a theater with 3D glasses and then went on the Soaring over California ride. Both very cool. Then I walked quickly over to the hotel to get jackets and pants and a snack for the last part of the day. It was a little crummy all day, but most of the lines were short.
The second night we decided to stay for the parade and fireworks. Too bad it was windy and rainy and they canceled the whole thing right after I bought myself a Disneyland jacket and the girls picked out Minnie Mouse and Tinkerbell Polly Pockets and a few other little souvenirs too. Andy left me at the hotel to give the girls warm baths (which they did themselves) to go and get some yummy pizza.
We left Thursday morning and returned the rental car, rode the shuttle bus to the airport, and then flew out to Denver before going home. It was raining and windy enough flying into there that the flight attendants had to sit down. Then there was a delay while the rain died down enough for the workers to do things out there. The girls rested for two seconds like this and were wound up the rest of the waiting time. Olivia slept the entire way from Denver to Pasco. Elizabeth talked. A lot. I sat by Elizabeth. It was super fun.
We picked up Vincent then and I brought him home. He had a fun time with Sara. Andy and the girls picked up more pizza for dinner.
I listened to phone messages, read the weeks worth of emails, blogs (half Thursday night, the other half Friday morning), and facebook, and worked on laundry. The kids had a bath. And they were off to bed. I went to the grocery store because we used up all our bread, milk, and produce before we left.


9 responses to “Disneyland!

  1. Kelsey says:

    Looks like you guys had a great time! The girls looked like they had lots of fun and were pretty good! I definetly agree to leave a little one behind. It slows things down too much and he wouldn't remember it anyway.

  2. Kim says:

    Sounds like you guys had a great time!! We love Disney-anything!!

  3. Carrie says:

    Yea! I'm glad you guys had so much fun. Your girls are going to remember this special trip for a long time.

  4. Christina says:

    FUN!!! Did you notice that Olivia looks A LOT like the little girl on Monsters Inc.? That was my favorite picture. And that is soo awesome that they got to go meet the pilots and wear the hat. cool. I linked to your post, because of my jealousy. Love you guys

  5. What a blast! I'm so glad you guys got to go!I'll let Michael know that he's not dorky. :)And we've only watched Season 1 of 24, but we really liked it. The only bummer is that it is SO ADDICTIVE, which wouldn't be so bad if it didn't take 24 hours to get through the whole thing. We probably won't start another season at least until Michael's done with Boards. It could be detrimental. :)

  6. Sara says:

    I am glad you just went for it, in one big blog. I love it! I can't wait to take the girls but we will probably wait until they are a bit older of course and so they don't whine and complain the whole time and ruin it for us! Well I am glad that I was able to watch Vincent for you, he was a pretty good kid, but sorry I won't be doing that again for a good long while I am still tired from the week and keeping them entertained… it mostly just required a lot more planning than i am used to! Well talk to you later

  7. Sounds like your trip was jam packed with fun. I can't believe how many of the characters you got to meet, too.

  8. The Stevens: says:

    LUCKY!:) What a great time for you and your girls… I would have totally left Vincent home too:)

  9. Laura says:

    Looks so fun!

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