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This is Mellow for us.

on May 21, 2010

This week has been pretty mellow. School, finding babysitters, errands, and all that, but only one meeting for me to go to in the evening which has made the whole week feel so much less busy.
Monday morning I helped in Elizabeth’s class and then we hung out at home the rest of the day. I have been babysitting a friend’s daughter three afternoons a week, so she takes a nap until her mom brings Elizabeth home and picks her own daughter up. It works out pretty well. I made some yummy peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and froze part of the dough. Another friend came over to play with Olivia for a little while too. I was crabby after fighting with the kids to eat their dinner, so I took a nap and Andy did FHE with them and put them to bed.
Tuesday Olivia had ballet and Vincent and I went to use the Albertson’s coupon doublers. By the way if you get the newspaper and don’t want your coupons, I would LOVE to use them for you. Andy decided that he needed to write on the calendar when he planned on working on the house projects during the week, so he wrote on the next several Tuesdays to do that. Andy worked on the family room ceiling. I took the kids outside and worked on the garden. I hadn’t planted or done anything yet, except we did dump a bunch of leaves and grass clippings in there. Normally we rototill the garden because we inherited a rototiller from Andy’s uncle, but the tires are flat and so I just raked all the top stuff to the back of the garden and I’m calling it the compost pile (or something). Elizabeth helped with raking for the first part while I weeded and Olivia and Vincent blew bubbles and went down the slide. After I finished pulling the weeds, I took over the rake and Elizabeth worked on a few of the stubborn weeds that broke off. I used the hoe to make some rows to put the seeds in. Elizabeth helped me plant the cucumbers and cantaloupe and her sunflower she grew at school and then Olivia helped me with the lettuce and peppers. We already have strawberry plants and tomatoes usually will grow on their own. I’m going to give the tomatoes another week to pop up before resorting to the store tomato starts.
Here’s what it looks like now. It was a dog kennel when we moved here, so it has a nice big fence separating it from the yard, which I’m sure has saved many plants from being picked before their time.
Olivia had preschool Wednesday and Vincent and I went to the library for story time. He was funny answering the questions. It was the baby storytime and he is more than two, so the librarian would ask what an animal was and the noise it makes and he would answer. Of course the other kids were all too little to answer, but I didn’t have anything else to do during preschool and didn’t want to go home and then go back out to pick her up. Wednesday night I had a PTA planning meeting for the coming school year. We had to figure out the budget and the review the standing rules so they can be approved at the next meeting. It was during game night, so I showed up home late for that and joined in on the last three hands of spades. I got all of my bids and ended up in second place (In our house, when you join late, you take the worst score and work your way up or down.) My former print shop boss, Bob, called Wednesday afternoon to see if I wanted to do some binding at home. He brought it over and I worked on it Wednesday and Thursday nights. He brought more Friday afternoon to work on over the weekend.
Thursday we had nothing planned, so I read the book group book, “Boyd K. Packer: A Watchman on the Tower” and then we were lazy until it was time to pick up Elizabeth and take her to her musical theater dance class, but I did start the pizza dough, so I could make dinner when we got home. I took Olivia and Vincent to the grocery store during her class because it’s close. Andy went and picked up some parts to fix the fence that broke while I finished making the pizza.
Here are some mini roses blooming today. I love roses!Friday morning was a Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast at the school that the teachers and principal did for us. They had the kids’ choir come and sing for us. They sang a thank you song and “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”. I especially like the latter one because I sang it in Sunshine Generation when I was little and that is one of the few music videos I’ve seen from those three months as a kid when we had cable. We taped everything and that was one of the things we watched over and over. Olivia and Vincent played all morning until his naptime. I read/napped during my book. I was really tired from staying up to work on binding the books and getting up early for the breakfast. The book is excellent and I finished it this afternoon. Tonight Andy and I are going to the Temple and I’m so excited. My goals have not been going all that well this year so far and this is the first time this year we have been able to go together. I did go once in April with a friend, but it’s so much nicer to go with Andy. I love going. After the Temple, we are trying out a new restaurant. Tomorrow we are finally going to haul away the dead tree branches (see broken fence link above) and then go to Walla Walla to see my parents and to go to a reception. Fun stuff.


One response to “This is Mellow for us.

  1. Kim says:

    It's amazing how full the days are, especially when you record it. Have a great weekend!

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