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A Little Tired?

on May 28, 2010

Thursday after visiting teaching, we brought home one of Olivia’s friends to play until it was time to get Elizabeth from school. While they were playing, I made lasagna and French bread for dinner. We fed the missionaries. I planned on making chicken and rice, but called them that morning to make sure of allergies or dislikes and happened to ask what they were fed this week already and he said they had chicken two or three times, so I decided not to make them eat chicken again. Olivia and her friend had a lot of fun and then it was time to take her friend home. Right after school, I had to drop Elizabeth off at her musical theater class and then go home to finish dinner stuff. Andy picked her up afterwards. Elizabeth made a salad and Olivia set the table. The missionaries loved it!
On the way home from dropping Elizabeth off (about 3:35pm) Olivia looked like this:
When I stopped at a stop sign, I looked back and she had straightened herself back up, but flopped down again after I started going again.Vincent looked like this. A little groggy from his nap still, but just hanging out. He may have been in a food coma. Looks like he finished his milk and set it aside.
Why was Olivia so tired, you ask? Maybe from all the playing on Thursday, but my guess is that the reason she was so tired is because she and Elizabeth wouldn’t go to sleep on Wednesday night when we were having our weekly game night. They stayed up until almost 11pm (playing in their room, of course.) The last time I went to check on them and told them what I would take away Thursday, Elizabeth said, “Torrie egged us on!” as her excuse. Nice try, Elizabeth. Torrie denied all wrong-doing.


4 responses to “A Little Tired?

  1. janaemadsen says:

    I love french bread. Vincent looks like Andy

  2. Carrie says:

    Marcus falls asleep with his head flopped forward like that all the time! Every time it happens I try to push his head back, but he'll push it forward, against my hand again, in his sleep.It sounds like you guys are having too much fun, which makes the being tired worth it, I think.

  3. LKP says:

    thanks nadell! =)any new sources for yummy GF recipes is well-received in these parts. especially when they can be altered even more to meet the other allergy needs in my home. you rock!

  4. LKP says:

    after much checking out of their blog, i realized i actually HAVE their cookbook! it's a fave. =) thanks again.

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