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Dance Recital

on June 5, 2010

Today was the dance recital for the ballet studio that Elizabeth and Olivia dance at, so they had rehearsal in the morning and then the recital that evening. The weather was perfect, especially for a Saturday in June and after we have had weeks of rain lately. Out of the 55 performances, our girls were numbers 4 and 24, which is pretty lucky.
I had them there to do their rehearsal before 9am and Andy’s sister Sara brought her daughter, Sami, to watch then because Sami will start ballet classes in September and she thought it would help her to know what the teacher was talking about when she starts saying “recital”. Great idea and we really enjoyed the company during all the other dances.I like to take pictures and video during the morning rehearsal instead of the evening one so I don’t have to worry about so many people around (and everyone’s dog) and all the extra noise and you never know if your kid will start throwing up or something in the afternoon. Kids are wildcards.
Elizabeth is in Musical Theater this dance semester. This is her with her dance buddy. Du Barry was a Lady “Friendship” song was Elizabeth’s Musical Theater Song. If you want the lyrics, go here or check out her video on my blog later.
And here is her whole Musical Theater class. The teacher told them to wear black bottoms and blue or white tops. I figured that Elizabeth would be one of the only blue tops and I was right, but that’s what Elizabeth wanted to wear.Olivia backstage before her dance. Her class danced to “Bippity, Boppity, Boo” from Cinderella.
Our girls did very well and had fun.
My parents stopped by our house to visit after the rehearsal (they were too late to stop by the park) and my mom showed me the quilt I made and she finished. It is SO pretty. She’s going to show it off at her quilt guild meeting on Tuesday and then bring it to me to keep on Friday. I’m excited. I put all the little squares together. My mom sewed on the borders, machine quilted it with the long arm machine her friend has, and sewed on the binding. It’s my birthday present from my parents.
Here is the quilt. It was one that a lady in my ward who owns a quilt shop offered to let this quilt be an Enrichment Activity more than a year ago, so I just had to buy the fabric and then went to her class and she showed us what to do and some tricks. It has been done since just after the class finished, but I was nervous that I would wreck the borders and binding, so I was more than happy to let my mom (quilting expert) take over. It was the Chocolate Covered Cherry pattern, but mine is with blue, so it’s Chocolate Covered Blueberries. This is the closeup of the quilting pattern my mom used. Hershey Kisses. SO appropriate and cute!After they left to go to the Temple and then down to Oregon for my mom’s uncle’s 80th birthday party with a lot of her cousins, we ate lunch and then I took a nap until it was almost time to go again. I am not usually up and ready before 8:30am….even though I did go to bed earlier than normal.
When we got to the park, we were early, so Elizabeth read Olivia the ladybug book that was in Vincent’s “ballet bag”. (Ballet bag is the bag he only sees when we are at the ballet studio that I keep in the car to keep him busy when we go places. I may need to come up with a better word for it soon. I brought one for Olivia when she went to Elizabeth’s ballet classes and never changed it.)George and Shirley stopped working at their place on the mountain early to come and watch the girls dance. I didn’t get a picture of skinny George (since January he has lost 90 pounds), but here is one of Olivia with Shirley.Andy tried to keep Vincent from running away or crying by playing his Nintendo DS game. Vincent likes to watch and it did calm him down. He was so tired.
So he finished the last few swigs of Grandpa George’s pop too. I just thought this picture was cute of Olivia reaching for the girl’s hand next to her.
After the dancers finished, they got a ticket for a free snowcone. Olivia is so good at closing just one eye. I can’t do that. Vincent was really eyeing that ticket too.
Elizabeth was eyeing Olivia’s snowcone. Elizabeth shared her snowcone when her dance was done, so Olivia did share with Elizabeth and me.
Videos of the dances to come soon.


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