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Insights into my brain

on June 14, 2010

I was thinking yesterday at church while Andy gave the nursery kids the lesson about families (we do the lesson during their snack so they mostly stay in their chair and they aren’t talking much) about the Savior and how He was perfect. Then I was thinking about the nursery kids, my nursery kid in particular, and how if He was perfect, then He never disobeyed, hit, bit, kicked, or anything naughty. Amazing.
So, thinking that way, how are we supposed to get our kids (and ourselves) to behave better? I need to pray more. That must be the answer. I know they (and I) can’t be perfect, but we can do a whole lot better.
I guess I’m getting something spiritual out of being in the nursery after all, even with our really crazy two hours down there this week with 16 kids.


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