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Swim Party

on June 14, 2010

I love it when people invite us to fun parties. One of the kids in Elizabeth’s first grade class had a swim party at a pool nearby and invited the whole class to bring snacks and younger siblings too. We took some rice crispy treats (because they are cleaner by the pool and not as messy for kids to eat) and a sub with the extra French bread I made the night before. This is not because I’m an overachiever, but because I’m cheap and don’t like to buy things if I don’t have to. Also because now we have to save up for a gallbladder surgery; however much that will cost!
I didn’t take a lot of pictures because I was watching and counting my three little kids. The girls like to just hang out on those swim noodles, so I sent Andy to BigLots (he was going to Radio Shack near there) to pick up a few for the girls in case the pool didn’t have any. I got all the bags ready the night before too because I hate to get places and not be ready.
When we got there, the kids got dressed and then I did and then I slathered them up in sunscreen (and me) before going out. This process took something like 20 minutes. Maybe more.
While I packed the night before, the thought came to me to bring the orange life vest that my friend gave me for Vincent, just in case he was as daring in water as he is on land. He thought it was a backpack (like Dora) and loved it. He didn’t hardly even need it since he really didn’t like being in the water that day. I took him in the big pool and held on to him and made him move around while he cried for a while and then told him he could get out and have a snack if he calmed down and he did. Later we just stuck to the 2 footer pool for him. He liked standing next to the pool and watching the other kids all having fun. He keeps trying to pull that hat out of the laundry and wear it too.Olivia found the younger brother of the boy whose party it was and who is going into kindergarten with her in September and they had a lot of fun together. Mostly she behaved like a princess and he toted her around on this giant float.Elizabeth just swam around with her friends.
I made them both take a break to eat some lunch. Forced eating.It was fun and hopefully we get to go swimming again a lot more this summer. Vincent needs to get used to it. It really surprised me that he wasn’t adventurous in the water, but I guess it was a little cold in there and the combo of the swim diaper, the life vest and the water was too much for him.


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