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Party on.

on June 21, 2010

That is pretty much all we do around here. In between parties, we just hang out and recuperate.
Elizabeth and Olivia begged all week (and a lot of the Spring during school) to have a yard sale. I put them off all Spring telling them “when it’s summer you can” and it was finally time. I told them they could on Friday morning. They planned and priced all week together. Everything was 10 cents. A few neighbors came by and talked to them and they ended up selling a few things. Everytime a car would come down the road, they yelled, “Customers!” and held up their signs. They did it all the work and even had a box for the corner. One of my high school friends happened to be driving by (she didn’t even know where we lived or at least hadn’t been here before) and recognized the girls and bought a little woven hot pot holder for her little girl’s kitchen that Elizabeth made. I spent the time weeding the front flower beds. I brought the plastic slide around for Vincent to be occupied, but it didn’t last long, so I had to turn on a movie for him inside. He just kept crying outside and that is no good.
Saturday was a full, fun day. We cleaned the church in the morning, came home and got ready for the day, then went to Sami’s birthday party at the sprinkler park…
The girls decided it was warm, even though it was only 70 degrees out. They wanted these matching swim suits and I was okay with that because they were on sale for $6.50. Vincent loves this swim hat. He didn’t want to go in the freezing cold water. We didn’t blame him. He had a lot of fun on the slide.
Sami with her dad, David, while we sang to her. She didn’t want to be close to the cupcake, just in case there was a candle. She’s afraid of candles and fire, probably because she put out her first candle out with her fingers.
I made this apron for Sami because Sara picked out a fat quarter of fabric and asked me to make it for her. They bought her a play kitchen with a cherry border.…ran an errand at the mall, home for a few hours, and then off again to the Ward “Hot Diggity Dog” BBQ for dinner. It was fun to try out new salads, since I don’t eat hot dogs (they make me throw up.)
Uncle Dewey pushed the girls on the swings. Aunt Nancy helped Vincent on the slides too. It’s so nice to have them in our ward. (Aunt Nancy keeps Vincent happy during Sacrament too.)After that, we invited our game night buddies to come and hang out to play the new game I bought Andy for our anniversary. We played it twice. I won the first game. That’s why I buy new games, I think. I have beginner’s luck and the other people haven’t figured out a strategy yet. I lost horribly the second time. The game is Carcassonne. The board changes everytime you play and it’s all strategy, like Settlers of Catan. We like those kind of games.
Sunday was Father’s Day. We went to church, had our family picture taken for our ward website so people will know who we are… I had the ward photographer take one with my camera too.…and then to Andy’s parent’s house for dinner. While there, we played the game I bought for Andy for Father’s Day. I bought the Trivial Pursuit Digital Choice. It was nice to visit with Andy’s parents and sisters, but not so nice when the kids somehow got themselves wet in the bathroom. It was one of those who started it that no one admits to. Fun stuff.
Today I’ve been finishing up laundry and my to-do list and packing for our trip to Las Vegas. We are leaving for Andy’s mom’s side reunion Tuesday bright and early. It’s going to be fun. I had some help finishing the jean quilt I made for the family auction that will go into the fund to help pay for part of the reunion.
Elizabeth did most of the ties. She was great at it. I did the hard pocket ones and the ones in the middle. I think she did more than half.And then the girls rested under the quilt while they finished watching the movie.We dropped off the things due back to the library, picked up two prizes for each of the kids for the summer reading program, and then went to pick out three books for each kid in the special friends of the library room. I picked three more Ramona books out and told the kids they each could pick two. When we got home, they picked some more books to go in their travel bags for the car. Each of them picked ten books and ten toys to play with in the car.
Wish us luck that we come back in one piece! It’s going to be a fun trip.


3 responses to “Party on.

  1. Kim says:

    Looks like a fun busy weekend! Have a fun trip!

  2. Lara says:

    Nothing like summer fun when you're young (and old like us ha)!! :)

  3. The Stevens: says:

    Looks like fun! Where's that park?

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