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Vegas Reunion

on June 28, 2010

Two years ago at our McClellan (Andy’s mom’s) family reunion that was held here in Tri-Cities, we decided to have a reunion every two years and have it move around a little. Las Vegas was decided then as the location for 2010.
Hoover Dam picture.We have been looking forward to it and drove down with our kids last Tuesday and Wednesday. We drove to Reno and then back into California to drove through Death Valley to the lowest elevation in the country.
Some old lake still covered in salt.Elizabeth found this momma duck with her chicks on the side of a creek running through Bishop, CA’s really cool city park where we ate lunch at on the way to Las Vegas. She had to run back with the camera to take a picture.Elizabeth was scared going on the twisty roads. They were a little steep to get down into Death Valley. She put her fabric grocery bag on her head.
Andy with the kids at the visitor’s center in Death Valley. It closed five minutes after we got there, so we didn’t have long to spend there.
Me with the kids. The temperature was 115 degrees. HOT! It was windy too, but it was that hot wind that just makes you hotter.
We got to Circus Circus on the Strip in Las Vegas about 8:30pm and after calling for towels (because our room didn’t have any!) and waiting for an hour, giving the kids a bath, figuring out the process for having the bellboys bring our luggage up, it was already almost 10pm and we just went to bed.
Andy’s parents, Grandma Ellen and Grandpa Paul A., and Uncle Roger and Aunt Carol flew in Wednesday night.

Thursday we met up with Andy’s cousin and her husband from Ohio to go see Hoover Dam.
We watched the ten minute video and they told us that the tours weren’t open, but might be later. We didn’t think our kids would like the tours much anyway and they were expensive, and we’ve been to Grand Coulee Dam, and The Dalles Dam, and Bonneville Dam, and Ice Harbor Dam, and McNary Dam, and we know what a powerhouse looks like, so we didn’t worry about that. Sunny and Jeremy were disappointed and after we left, they did reopen the tours and they upgraded their tickets, waited in line, and then the fire alarm went off, and they had to wait outside for an hour or so to then get back to their car. They did that after we had already had enough. It was busy and so hot!
Elizabeth and Olivia turning the handle to make the magnet spin around and turn the lightbulb on.Vincent only wanted out of his stroller at one point of the Dam. Right after he finished turning the handle, he hopped right back in. The stairs all over did make the stroller difficult because we had to go and wait for elevators, but it was easier than making him hold our hands or carrying him.Andy with the girls on the Dam. We walked across to Arizona and then back. It was too hot and Olivia had had enough so Andy took the kids to the car right after this and I went to the gift shop to pick up some postcards and a fridge magnet.
After all the fun we could have at Hoover Dam, we met up with Andy’s parents and Roger and Carol on the strip and went to a few places there.
Luxor Hotel and Casino while we waited for a few minutes. The kids all threw some money in the fountain to make some wishes.
We went up to meet the Tram to go to the Excalibur. It was hot so we found a few feet of shade. Andy’s parents were with us by the paw of the Sphinx that sits in front of the Luxor.
Then we went to his Uncle Bruce and Aunt Sandie’s house to see the Vegas family (or some of them) and the kids swam with Andy. Except Vincent didn’t like swimming. He just liked to throw the pool toys in the water and run around with squirt guns.
Friday morning the reunion really started. We took the kids to cousin Kristi’s house to be babysat while we went to the Temple with the adults. The kids had fun at her house watching some kid movies and playing with sticky foam and markers. The babysitter was great, she didn’t even want to be paid because we were at the Temple so we told her to put the money in her girls’ camp or mission fund. Then went back to pick them up to play at a park with water sprinklers and have lunch. After another hour or so everyone else finally came over (they all met at the house and then came).Everyone doted on Vincent. He didn’t want to play in the sprinkler with the other kids and he was the smallest, so he just went from person to person getting cookies and balloons from them (and a good dose of attention too!)
Back to Bruce and Sandie’s for more swimming and eating there.
Andy and Elizabeth in the pool.Grandpa Paul A. helped Vincent put these goggles on when Vincent brought them over to him. Vincent kept them on for hours after that, but still didn’t want to get in the pool.These two girls are cousins with each other, but have no other girl cousins. They wanted to adopt Olivia. She was their little tag-along the whole weekend.Vincent finally gave up just after dinner. He didn’t have a regular (12-3pm) nap any of the days we were gone. I think he might be done with those. I, however, am not done with him taking naps!When I went in, I found Andy’s Grandma Ellen and Grandpa Paul A. doing the dinner dishes. They are so cute together and such hard workers.
Saturday we met at Bruce and Sandie’s for breakfast before heading up to Mount Charleston to hike and have lunch there. Once we found a place to set up for the lunch and for the nonhikers to sit in the shade, we went up the hike to see some caves at a place called Robbers Roost.
George (Andy’s dad) with Vincent. He’s so skinny now! He has lost 90 pounds in six months!
Andy’s cousin and her husband from Ohio rented this convertible Mustang and let Elizabeth and Olivia take a ride in it for a little trip. Olivia rode in it a little later, but I didn’t get a good picture.
Up in the caves we hiked to. I decided that I wasn’t in very many pictures, so I took one of myself.
Andy and Vincent. Vincent loves his hat that is like Andy’s.
Olivia by the caves.
Elizabeth trying to get higher to where the boys were.
It was cool up there (75 compared to 105 in the city), but we were at 8500 feet and I got winded pretty fast (and I’m out of shape too….) It was fun though and the kids enjoyed it. We got back to the place just in time to see the ranger’s truck and leave the place because someone else reserved the spot we were in. We just went back an hour to Bruce and Sandie’s and made lunch there instead. More swimming, chatting, snacking, and getting to know everyone a little better. We had the family meeting where it was decided to come back up to Washington in two years and Andy and I get to be in charge of that (Andy says: I didn’t put up much of a fight when everyone put me forward because I figure I’d have to do it sooner or later anyway) (We already were talking about fun ideas on the way home and I think it’s going to be really fun!) and then in four years, our reunion will be in Ohio where Andy’s uncle lives with all of his grown children close. We had the family auction and my kids were able to buy some little trinkets with some money and were excited to play with them the rest of the day and most of the trip home. We ate dinner after the meeting because we ate lunch at 4pm. After dinner, Kristi started the Wii Guitar Hero tournament, then we took a break for Bruce’s requested Cowboy Poems, and then we went outside to do sparklers and pop rocks, before heading back to the hotel to rest up for the drive home.
Olivia was tired, so she and Andy took a little rest.
Someone found a ball for Vincent to use next to the pool. He still didn’t like going in, just playing next to the pool throwing things in.
Even Grandpa Paul A. got in the pool and played some ball. It was a hot day!
Olivia getting down during the Guitar Hero tournament. She is quite the little dancer.
Andy, Elizabeth, Olivia, and I (I took a break from helping Olivia sing) ROCKED with Band on the Run. It is Olivia’s favorite song. I think we won the tournament…. It kind of helps that we sing that song in the car almost every day.
The weekend ended with a bang…er….a sparkler or something.
Olivia thought the ring pops were great too.
We woke up early on Sunday morning (6am) to get ready to go and left the hotel just after 7am with all the luggage figured out with the bellboy and the kids in tow. We drove all day and part of the night home arriving at 11:30pm Sunday night. The kids did pretty well in the car. Elizabeth was our big helper because she was sitting in the middle of the other two kids, so she could help get things for Vincent for us.
We had a great trip and it was fun to see everyone again. Now, to plan out the next one… I’m excited!


3 responses to “Vegas Reunion

  1. Kim says:

    Looks like a fun time! I've been to a lot of dams in my life, but never the Hoover Dam. Too bad it was such a wait and not FREE like all the dam tours are up here.

  2. Mary says:

    Looks like an expensive Reunion. I'll take our old $35 ABC camp ones any day.

  3. Sara says:

    well that is awesome! Ohio in 4 years… wow… definately a plane ride for that one… don't ya think? That's ok maybe by than we will be able to afford that and we will just take an extended trip and visit church sites… well I think you guys had a blast… I am glad you took pictures so that I kinda had a play by play! I wished we could of gone, but what can you do! Well… I am assuming I am still in charge of the money since my name is on the account… let me know what you need help with, and I will do what I can!

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