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Crowther Reunion

on July 1, 2010

We had to get together with my side of the family (just immediate siblings and parents) this week because my sister and her family are moving to Arizona on Friday. My brother who lives in Idaho Falls came over with his family to see everyone and to say good bye to them. They stopped in Tri-Cities first to see a friend be sealed at the Temple (one of Tina’s friends from Pocatello who married someone local) and then stayed at my house for two nights. We went to a fun park that I’m thinking about for the big McClellan reunion that I get to be in charge of in two years to play with our combined five kids. It was a lot of fun. I took extra pictures because Brant’s camera broke.
This park has so much space right by the river. I think it will be perfect. I’ll tell you about it, but only if you don’t go to it when I’m in charge of the reunion there in two years. Leslie Groves in Richland is not too crowded, it has separate bike and walking paths, soccer field, baseball field, swings, playground, two covered eating areas that you can reserve on the city website (I think), good bathrooms, shade!!!, river access (but nicely separated from the eating and playing areas), volleyball net, space to throw a frisbee or ball around, sandboxes, horseshoes, and plenty of parking.
Elizabeth’s first grade picnic field trip was there. It was great.
Back to what we did there on Tuesday…..the kids played on the playground until it was time for our picnic and then we played in the water a little.
Brant is the funny uncle (That’s what my girls decided.) He is a third grade teacher in Idaho and knows how to have fun. He and Tina both play on all the toys with the kids. I just like to walk around and take pictures.
Brant and Tina spotting Caleb.Christopher climbing up and then he climbed right back down.
Tina and Caleb on the slide.
Brant with Vincent on the swing.
Our kids loved the swings. Uncle Brant gave them underdog pushes too!
Elizabeth with Brant.Olivia stayed on the swing almost the whole time we were there. She loved it.
During the picnic. The kids sat on the blankets while we enjoyed the nice picnic table. They kept stealing each other’s food. See Vincent eying Elizabeth’s food?
Elizabeth in the swimming area. The other section seemed quite a bit deeper, but we mostly stayed in this part with our little kids.
Brant with Caleb. Christopher, Olivia, and Vincnet (way back there by the wall playing in the dirt) kept close to the edge.
Wednesday morning was Tina’s friend’s sealing, so I watched their boys while they went to that and I made some treats for Wednesday night at the park and then when they came back, I had a doctor appointment with the surgeon for my gallbladder (I’ll let you know when that is in case you want extra kids hanging around your house.) so they watched the kids then. The three little boys took naps and Brant and the girls cleaned up the back patio while I was gone, including rearranging all the toys and sweeping and clearing the branches that always fall from our tree and filling up our yard waste garbage can. I guess I’ll just take that as payment for their stay. =). Tina made her salad for the picnic too.
My mom (her blog is here.) took these pictures during our family picnic on Wednesday night. I was too tired to run around.
Vincent on the slide. I think she probably asked him to take his hat off. He loves his hat!
An attempt at a grandkid picture. 13 kids on a slide-what could go wrong? Notice that you can pick my kids out pretty easily?
This tire swing was a lot of fun at the park in Walla Walla. Olivia stayed on it almost the whole 2 1/2 hours we were there, taking a break for some pictures and food. Pictured are Coy, Colby, Elizabeth, Olivia, and Jared.
The only sibling not there was Jeff who is in Kansas. Brant, Milton, and Joe are in the back with Janessa and I in the front and Sam back there by Joe’s leg. It was close to bedtime.
The final grandkid picture product. 13 kids on a playground bridge. Don’t move! Ha! My kids are there in the front-two girls and Vincent’s wearing the green shirt next to Elizabeth. My mom’s only missing one grandson-Jeff’s who lives in Ohio with his mom. There are 11 grandsons and three granddaughters total. 10 and 3 in this picture. I can at least say that I’ve done my part to contribute to the girls with my two.
It was a lot of fun to get together, even though it’s a little bittersweet to see Janessa and Jes’s family move to Arizona. We will miss them, but Jes has a great opportunity to gain the elusive experience that every job asks for. He is going to be a paramedic/firefighter in Yuma. I hope they enjoy it there. We’ll go visit them some winter when it’s cooled down a little.

2 responses to “Crowther Reunion

  1. we will miss you guys too!!

  2. I wish I could come home and visit soon. I miss everyone so much.

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