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Who’s the Mom?

on July 14, 2010

Inspired by my sister in law’s post about being a mom, I started thinking about my kids and the ways that they take care of me in their own sweet ways. (This is not all the time, but occasional glimpses into the real people they are becoming.)-Elizabeth will cover me with blankets and tuck them in and give me hugs and make sure I don’t need anything else when I’m reading a book in the living room. She’s very precise about it and even uses two blankets to make sure my toes are covered.
-Olivia and Elizabeth are both little mommies to Vincent and help him to build his train tracks to keep him happy or link his magnetic trains together when they are the wrong way and are making him mad.
-Even Vincent will come over to me if I’m napping on the couch and kiss my head or poke my eyes (alright, so poking my eyes isn’t so good, but it’s not hard or anything).
-Elizabeth and Olivia both get out the books in the morning when they are the only ones up and “read” as quietly as little girls can without waking us up.
-Elizabeth gets all the kid toothbrushes ready during their “brush teeth time”.
-Olivia likes to put all her babies to bed and cover them. Elizabeth still does this sometimes too.
-Elizabeth is the moderator in the car when we go places as a family and sits between Olivia and Vincent making sure that they aren’t crying or whining in the car bugging us. She will help them sing songs (the kid favorite is always “Jingle Bells” even when it’s July) or distract Vincent by pointing at something out the window.
-Vincent will make sure that every baby has their pacifier in their mouth if there is one to be found. He did this even when he was just barely getting over having his own pacifier at 18 months. He always squats down to baby level to say hello to them too. (But he also tries to put Mr. Potato Head glasses on his baby cousin almost poking her eye out.)
-Elizabeth loves to help Grandma in the kitchen every Sunday and is sad when there isn’t anything she can help with.
-When Elizabeth was at school, Olivia was very good at keeping herself quiet and playing nicely in the family room while Vincent slept and I got dinner ready, cleaned, or did anything else.
-When I send the kids in the backyard (sometimes I am in the garden weeding like last week and this week-I’m finally caught up!), both girls will make sure that Vincent is included in their games.
-Elizabeth helps Olivia and Vincent take their bath sometimes, even if it’s just watching them for a minute while I load the dishwasher. She always makes sure the bath is fun for them.
-When it’s Vincent’s turn to pray (every third day), he gets to choose who helps him. He’ll often pick one of the girls instead of Andy or I and they will sweetly tell him to fold his arms and repeat what they say. He will scoot his little knees over in front of them trying to be as close to them as he can and it’s so sweet. He usually will only repeat the last word of each phrase, but Elizabeth sneaks in a lot of words he knows how to say well, like all of our names and he will say those.
-There are so many other things that they do that make me smile and appreciate their kindness, but that’s all for now.

Of course, I am the mom. I do all the mom things. I am nice to them, but try to make them be independent and helpful. I do my best to teach them manners and how to be polite. I feed them, clothe them, and teach them. I read to them, sing with them, and pray with them. I also take a lot of breaks and do other things. It’s important for kids to be able to entertain themselves with their toys and not need me to be in the same room as them every minute. From this post, it may seem to you that I’m lazy because I take naps when I can. Maybe I am. Or maybe it will teach my girls that even moms get tired after doing so much and they will remember that when they are moms and they are tired. Of course there are days when I’m overwhelmed with their messes or attitudes, but it’s days like that that I can think about all the nice things they do for Andy and I and for each other and relax my ideas of a perfectly clean house or cleaned up toys. (They do clean up their toys at least before they go to bed and most of the time before dinner. I can’t have them all out all the time.)

It is very nice for me to see this tender, sweet side of my kids and foresee in the future the parents that they will be or at least the babysitters that they will be in much less time (less than five years for Elizabeth! Yea!) Children truly are a gift from God and I’m so happy to be a mom to them. I feel lucky and blessed.


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