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Summer Fun-Having a Blast

on July 20, 2010

The girls started swimming lessons this week. It’s only been two days, but all that sun wipes me out for the whole afternoon! I just want to come home, make some lunch, put Vincent down for a nap, and take a nap myself! It’s really lazy of me especially since I’m really on a set of bleachers with a shaded top. No excuse. I get tired just being outside. Maybe all that getting up earlier does it for me too.
Olivia and Elizabeth all excited for the first swimming lesson! And maybe a little nervous in Olivia’s case.I finally caught up on my garden weeding last Monday. I weeded for a few hours each the week before on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday and then last Monday totaling somewhere close to 10 hours for weeding the garden, maybe more. Way too much time, but the weeds were big and I worked really hard to get the roots up all the way so they won’t grow back. This was the initial weeding to find all the plants that were growing. This Monday when I weeded, it only took my one hour. Much better. Now I have to make myself weed every Monday morning. I’m excited for all the cucumbers, tomatoes, and lettuce I have growing, and I’m optimistic about the cantaloupe too.
We went to a free movie this last week. I met a lady I know there with her day care kids and so between us, we had ten kids. I just took care of mine. They did great. It was the Ice Age Dinosaur movie, so Vincent was enthralled. He kept saying Dinosaur Train (like the PBS cartoon by that name). It was funny.Elizabeth did ballet with my friend’s daughter, who is there in the pink shirt.One of Elizabeth’s classmates had a birthday party at the park last Friday that we went to.
The birthday girl asked the ice cream truck to come to the park where she handed out popsicles to all the kids.The kids with their ice cream.
Vincent was the messiest, but I expected that. He dripped that ice cream all over his little arms, legs, and shorts. I love my Shout stain spray!
Elizabeth was a close second for messiest kid, but her mess was all on her face, so Vincent won. Look how messy and how much is still left for her to eat!
Olivia doesn’t like being messy. Can you tell? The little girl behind her is the birthday girl.It was at the park with a wading pool, so the girls had a blast swimming and splashing around. I ran into a friend whose son was born at the same time as Vincent and chatted with her (I had plenty of time since Vincent just sat on the edge of the cement most of the time.) I always run into people there.
Olivia talking to Vincent on the edge.
Olivia talked Vincent off the ledge and into the water. He wouldn’t hold my hand in there, but I followed them around in case he tripped or something. The whole area is only 18 inches deep.
Vincent was a little nervous of Elizabeth. I think that’s when he came back to the edge with me.
I’ve been catching up on my scrapbooking, which is one of my goals for the year, and Vincent is IN the book now. Here’s one of the pages. These are hospital pictures. See, I’m not all that fancy in how I decorate the pages. I just want to get the pictures and story of the pictures in the book for our family history.


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