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Fun with Friends

on August 3, 2010

This morning I called over to my friend’s mom’s house to see if she was over there yet because we were trying to meet up with another classmate who came into town a few days ago. Her mom invited me to bring my kids over to swim in their pool while we waited to see if our friend called back. (She didn’t. She must be busy with family. I’ll just have to see her another time…) The kids had a fun time swimming, eating, and swinging.
Vincent didn’t like the water (no big surprise there), but he did like playing with the noodle for the water.
The girls in the pool. They had fun playing together some of the time.
Vincent with his third piece of watermelon with the view of the lovely Burbank slew. There is a road between the two sides of the slough that goes from down where I used to live up to the church.
They built this cool HUGE swingset. Just so you can see the perspective….find Elizabeth and Olivia. It was so cool!
All three kids on the swingset. I jumped on with Vincent just after I took this one.
Elizabeth has figured out how to do little flips underwater.

This past weekend was my 10 year class reunion, so here are the pictures from that too. One of my friends took a picture of Andy and I, so when she sends that on maybe I’ll put it on here too. Friday night the adults met up at Tony Roma’s for dinner and catching up without the kids around. Out of the 60 kids in our graduating class (yes, I said 60, not 600), there were 24 there (2 left before the picture) and 3 people from our school who married others in my class. We had a fun time.Saturday afternoon there was a family picnic at Hood Park in Burbank (where I graduated) and 23 of us were there. A few of the people who came to dinner didn’t come to the picnic and vice versa, so almost half of our class came this weekend. It was a lot of fun to talk with everyone again and see what they are up to. Our kids got along with the other kids and several of my classmates commented that they could tell Elizabeth was mine without having to ask.Olivia was on this tire swing almost the whole time we were there. She loved it. Elizabeth joined her some of the time too.These are the kids who came to the picnic. It was impossible to worry about them all looking, so we just snapped a few of them. Elizabeth’s in the middle, Olivia’s on the right in purple, and Vincent is right in the front in blue.
I think as a whole our class has done pretty well. Everyone got along. Everyone seems to be productive members of society or raising productive members of society. I think that’s the goal for the ten year reunion, right?


2 responses to “Fun with Friends

  1. Mary says:

    LUCKY you! Dad and I noticed the BIG frame and figured it was a Swing set at Lybberts. Wish I could put a name to all the faces in your two group shots. I did recognize a couple people.

  2. janaemadsen says:

    That is an awesome swing. What is that product you sent me a message about? I couldn't find it at Joann's but we only have a super tiny one here…I can't believe how big vincent is? Also you should sell your cookies on etsy. I would buy them. yum yum…

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