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Sunday Time Change

on August 25, 2010

I LOVE that our Stake changes ward times in September. If you don’t like your time, it just feels like less of a year to wait and when other people talk/complain about their time in January, you can say you only have eight months of your current time. We are currently at the 1pm-4pm time. I have to say that with little kids, it is THE WORST time. On top of that, Andy and I are the nursery leaders and consistently have about 15 kids (we do have a few helpers). I wonder if that number will go up in September, but all the three year olds will move up to Primary in January, so it’s only four months of ALL of them, right? We have one more week of 1pm-4pm church and then we will move clear up to the 9am-12pm time. I like that time, but I do have to get up earlier. I like having a nap though before Sunday dinner. I miss that. My new theory is that Vincent still takes naps (every day except for Sunday) because we go consistently. Sure he is a little more grouchy than normal, but that could be because we are trying to keep him quiet and still (or at least in our row) and he has to share with the kids in nursery. We have survived the time, so if you move to that time, GO. Church is important enough to sacrifice a nap or 48. (2 for Stake Conference, 2 for General Conference are taken out of that equation.)
I’m excited for 9am church. Only one more week of the worst time ever for kids to be at church.


3 responses to “Sunday Time Change

  1. Jemmett Clan says:

    See I am debating whether 1-4 or 11-2 is worse!!! Our kids miss lunch and nap time!!! I can't wait to switch!!! But glad you are switching soon!!

  2. Mary says:

    My thoughts were that the kids don't wnat to be there anymore than I do at that hour. Glad you get to change before us. That means Baby Blessing will be early in the morning too next year…

  3. janaemadsen says:

    I think any church time is usually over a nap. Mark likes to scream through a lot of church, which is at 9:00 and over his nap time.these things happen. Good for you being the nursery leaders- that is hard!

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