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Relaxing on Labor Day

on September 6, 2010

Andy’s parents asked us if we wanted to come up to stay the night at their property on Sunday, so after church (yea, early church!!!) and naps (for Vincent and I), we went up there to spend the night.
Andy and the girls enjoyed playing old-fashioned board games, like checkers and Chinese checkers. The dominoes on the floor behind them are what Vincent was playing with.Vincent liked watching this cookoo clock. It has a tiny bird that pops out at the half hour and hour.Aunt Suzie went on a hike with the kids around the trees close to the house. Elizabeth and Olivia are clear back there somewhere. I took the picture from the comfy deck.
Cousin Dylan with Vincent, Olivia, and Elizabeth. Dylan’s brother didn’t want to go up to that part of the playhouse until after all the kids got down. This is the end of the day playing on Monday. Do you see how dirty my kids are? Olivia has binoculars around her waist.This is a recent addition to the property. It was just built a few weeks ago. Last week Suzie and her boys came up and they didn’t have bark down and they were completely covered in red dirt. George had some people come and chip up fallen logs on Saturday to help with that. Vincent did awesome on the climbing wall. He got going up it pretty fast.
Olivia wanted to swing all day.
Vincent with Grandpa George on the four-wheeler on Sunday night. They didn’t go anywhere, but Elizabeth wanted to take a picture of them.
We had a fun time eating, resting, and visiting. Our kids slept pretty well, except for Vincent who woke up way too early. He’s used to being in his own room with his own space and not in a room with four other people. We slept in the loft above the great room. He woke up and wanted attention. Oh well. We all got up and had delicious cinnamon strussel pancakes (they were supposed to be muffins, but Shirley doubled the eggs accidentally, so she made pancakes instead.) At lunchtime, Suzie and her boys came up and Andy’s Grandma Ellen and Grandpa Paul came up to visit too. We missed Sara and David and Torrie and Brad who were busy earning money.
It was great to relax and rest and now we get to start a short week of school.


4 responses to “Relaxing on Labor Day

  1. Mary says:

    LUCKY! Dad had to work and I slaved away today at home too. We got a Cuckoo clock for when my blind Grandpa Brown came to visit.

  2. Jemmett Clan says:

    HOW FUN!!!! I would LOVE a swing set like that!! What a great escape!!!!!

  3. Sara says:

    so cute… i am glad you had a great time… Sami wants to go up today so sad… hopefully soon we will get to go again!

  4. Jenks Jive says:

    Sounds very fun and relaxing. What a beautiful area.

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