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Who’s who?

on September 20, 2010

To start off, we had a crazy, busy, fun weekend. We had so much to do and it all seemed to be crammed into the same days, but there was a little bit of time between each thing, so it wasn’t too bad and I prepared pretty well for everything by getting the four birthday presents ready before the weekend.
1. I’ll just go through the weekend starting with Thursday night. It was the Open House at the elementary school, so I helped with the PTA membership table and took a little break to go with Andy and the kids to the classrooms. I only took a few pictures (or had someone else take a few). Olivia and Elizabeth loved showing Andy their classrooms and lockers and introducing him to their teachers.
I took a picture of Olivia with her teacher, but Elizabeth’s teacher was too busy. I’ll have to get that one later.The PTA tables with sign ups, membership, and the lady behind me selling school t-shirts.
2. Friday morning Vincent and I went over to my mother in law’s house to drop off the last of my crafts and then to the bank before picking Olivia up from school (Friday is a short day every week) and then went grocery shopping before dropping Olivia and Vincent off at a friend’s house while I went to my doctor appointment for the ultrasound. It’s a girl!

3. Friday night after Andy got home from work I left to go to the Ransom.Made design Fall Event to help out. It’s so fun to see what everyone else made and how nice it is. I take the whole time I’m there to decide just which things I want to buy, but wait until the end to let the customers buy them first if they want to. It was B-U-S-Y! I missed the first hour and a half and it was the busiest time of the whole weekend. When I got there, so many things were already gone! Amazing.

4. Andy spent part of Saturday with a man in our ward cutting up a huge branch that fell off our tree on Tuesday night without warning. The guy in our ward took the big logs to use with the Boy Scouts on camping trips. Luckily the huge branch landed in the square between the house, the patio, the tree itself, and the powerline without hurting anything, but it was a little freaky. It wasn’t windy or anything. It just suddenly fell down.
We already have half a tree because the powerline runs through our backyard and the city comes out every few years and trims it out of the line, but they don’t trim the rest of the tree, so our tree is hanging over our house. I keep hearing the wind today and cringing.
See how the branch fell right in that space? It was pretty big around. Basketball big.5. Saturday morning I was up bright and early to go over to the Fall Event again. It was busy most of the day. I’m excited for our Christmas Event that will have Christmas decor, gifts, and stocking stuffers (ones maybe you can pretend Santa’s elves made.) I love chatting with Andy’s mom and sisters while we hang out and help the customers.

6. I had a little break after I got home and laid down for 10 minutes before it was time to go eat some dinner and go to my nephew’s 6th birthday party. It was all Mario themed. My sister in law made cool Mario, Luigi, and Peach cakes with fondant and made each kid a Mario hat or Peach crown. The kids had a fun time. Elizabeth knocked the pinata off the string again. It didn’t break the pinata. It just took the whole thing down, so my brother had to use some scouting knot skills to tie it back up. Strong girl.

7. Winco stop to get a few big hoagie sandwiches for the birthday luncheon at our house for my sister’s birthday before they flew back to Arizona. They came up Thursday for my brother in law’s sister’s wedding and flew out right after the luncheon. Her birthday was on the wedding day. Nice, huh? I think they had a fun trip though. Anyway, at Winco I was buying the hoagies and one of them was mismarked and said $43.74 instead of $3.99 which I didn’t notice until the $70 total came up on the screen. It was funny. The rest of the night I gave the kids a bath and then Andy read to them while I cleaned up the toys, cleaned the bathroom, and made sure everything was ready for right after church. My parents came over and spent the night on our hide-a-bed, so we played some games with them too.

8. Church. There were some good talks, as always, but this time there was one that I actually heard with my ears and mind without too many distractions. It was nice. Then off to nursery. Two weeks ago (Labor Day weekend) we had 8 kids, but it was just Andy and I down there. One week ago, we had 22 kids and three of them cried most of the time. It was chaos. We had several helpers though. This week it was only 15 and it was very pleasant. The crying kids didn’t come this time and everyone played nicely. When one of the moms came down to pick up her son, she had to tell us something about Elizabeth in her Primary class just then. They were talking about President Monson, but apparently Elizabeth got mixed up between the President of the Church and the President of the Country and starting going off on how President Monson (again she mixed up in her head President Obama and President Monson!) is a liar and on and on. They had to make sure she understood the difference between Prophet of the Church-President and leader of the country-President. I guess she’s listening when Andy’s listening to talk radio in the car with her. We tried to explain that just like any other President of the Country, plenty of people like him and plenty hate him, but that the Prophet can’t EVER lead us astray and won’t EVER lie to us.

9. My sister came over just after church for the luncheon. I counted how many people came this morning-34, including my family. Three of her friends came with their one kid each and my brother in law’s parents, two of my brothers popped in after saying they probably wouldn’t be able to, along with some extended family. My mom and dad bought a big cake that we enjoyed and it was fun.

10. I took a three hour nap after cleaning up the party mess. Then we went over to Andy’s parent’s house for Sara’s daughter’s birthday cake. Daphne is one year old this week. It was fun to visit with everyone there too. Sara makes the cutest little cupcake animal toppers.

Like I said, busy weekend. Too busy for me to even worry much about pictures. Sorry. I really should have taken a picture of that nap. It was so nice. I didn’t want to get up.


2 responses to “Who’s who?

  1. Sounds like a blast! Our weekend was a lot slower, but still good. We missed being there on Sunday.

  2. Mary says:

    Just in case you don't already know we love how willing you are to host our family gatherings…Next time we gather maybe the whole week-end won't quite so hectic.

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