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What’s up Doc?

on October 12, 2010

Except no one went to the doctor…I just needed a title. I am going on Thursday to hear Abigail’s heartbeat and see if I’ve gained any weight this month. I think I probably have. I started buying ice cream again and it’s DELICIOUS!
So, I didn’t post last week because Andy was out of town and I don’t like the whole world to know that I’m home by myself with my three little kids. He went to fix another electrical panel in Virginia like the one he fixed two months ago in North Carolina. He left our house at 4am on Wednesday morning and got home a little after 10pm on Saturday, so I had four whole days of kid zone. It’s really not too much different when he’s here because he just has three hours a day that they are awake. I just had a little overtime, right? I do like that when Andy’s home he reads the nighttime stories and helps so much with things and that I can go to the grocery store after they are in bed when he’s home.
We went about our normal routine week. School, pick up from school, homework, and then the kids were able to play outside because the weather was so nice and I moved a chair out there to read.
It was even nice enough for popsicles.Then they wanted to go and see if the neighbors would sponsor them in our school’s Jog-a-thon, so the girls went and did some knocking. They really don’t care if all someone gave them was a dollar each and our neighbors were very nice to them. Wednesday we did cancel game night because it’s hard to get the kids to bed on time without Andy home and some of our friends were really busy that day. We watched Beauty and the Beast instead.
I made this wreath one night before Andy left. I had everything except the wreath base that I got at the dollar store. I just had to use about 15 small glue sticks. It’s on my craft room door.Thursday was a pretty normal day too with school, picking up from school, Elizabeth’s musical theater, home for dinner, and then off to a Relief Society meeting with classes on couponing, first aid, and a humanitarian quilt to tie. I went to the class on couponing because I can always learn more and to hopefully help it make sense to others. They had young women there to babysit and my kids were the only ones there so they had fun with a tea party and lots of attention from two or three babysitters.
Wednesday night late someone knocked on our front door and it scared me because I was home alone with the kids and I happened to be reading the last book in the Hunger Games series. It was freaky, but it was a pleasant surprise because it was treats. We were “Boo-ed”. So, if you don’t know what that is it is someone in your area gives you treats and you are supposed to put the Boo sign up by your front door and then make treats for three other people in your area and deliver them secretly. I made some treats, Olivia colored the Boo signs after school, and then Elizabeth ran them up to the doors on Thursday night. It was fun. We didn’t deliver to anyone the girls see very often because I didn’t want them to spoil it.
Friday the girls invited two sisters over to play for a little party (every time kids come over it’s a party, you know…) after school. They had fun dressing up and had a yummy snack. As soon as we pulled up to the house, the younger of the sisters told me that they boo-ed us. Mystery solved. The kids and I went to Burger King for dinner. I love those onion rings. The kids were sad that the umbrellas I just bought at the dollar store were in the other car because the rain was pouring.
Saturday morning one of our friend’s invited our kids to run at a cross country meet in a kid’s race. Elizabeth ran. Olivia walked quickly. Vincent stood next to me cheering them on.
This picture is just after they were done.Elizabeth didn’t win, but she liked it. Olivia was the very last person to finish and this nice lady I don’t know stayed with her the whole time. It was only a one lap race, but I’m not sure if it was just a lap on the track measurements or what distance it was because it was in the grass. The girls each got a green participant ribbon. We went home for Vincent’s nap (and mine!) and the girls played and watched movies. In the evening one of Elizabeth’s friends had a skating costume birthday party that we were invited to. We are friends with their whole family. The girls aren’t that great at skating, but they haven’t had all that many chances to go either. I’m not great either. I didn’t skate this time, but I did hold their hands around a few times in my tennis shoes. Olivia wanted to be a fairy princess and Elizabeth decided that her Jedi outfit wouldn’t work with skates so she just wore her orange wings.Andy got home late that night. We missed him.
This week has been busy again, but that’s just the way our life is. A little too busy maybe sometimes. I’m so glad I can still make Vincent nap so I get a time to rest in the middle of the day. =)


2 responses to “What’s up Doc?

  1. I missed reading your blog, but I don't blame you for not wanting to announce to everyone that you're home alone… Sounds like fun though. I would go nuts if Brant was gone that long- hmmm, maybe that's why whenever he leaves town, I go to Pocatello and stay with my mom. (Not that he leaves that often…) Oh yeah, one more- I ran in a race thing like that when I was a kid- I got 2nd place! (There were only 2 of us in that race, hehe)

  2. Sara says:

    what do you mean you don't like it when possibly a scary person would know your home alone… silly you… but I am glad for the example now I know what not to do if I am ever in that situation! Well I hope you survived with not too much of a head ache while Andy was gone. Well I will see you tomorrow! sara

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