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Cooperation means Teamwork!

on October 28, 2010

Olivia’s teacher selected her for a cooperation award. At the school they have C.A.R.E.S. which stands for Cooperation, Attitude, Respect, Effort, and Safety and they spend a month or so on each quality and then cover them all again. This award was supposed to be a surprise to Olivia, but when she brought the paper home that said her teacher picked her, I was reading it aloud to her, so it kind of spoiled it a little. I didn’t read the part about the assembly, but once we were there, I’m sure she figured it out. It wasn’t all bad that it wasn’t a surprise since they call the kindergartners up there first and we were sitting clear in the back because it was the end of the school day and she is in morning kindergarten. She walked all the way to the front of the room FULL of people (the school has 600 students) and got her award and stood there for pictures with all of the other kids. My picture of that didn’t work out, so I’ll have to get a copy from someone else who took one. Not that most of the people reading my blog would know any of the other kids anyway.
Here is the award Olivia got. She also received a special pencil and a pin to go on her shirt that says Principal’s Award of Excellence.Her teacher said that Olivia works well with others at her table and in the whole classroom. I’m so happy that she’s getting along well in class.Because it’s the Principal’s Award, I thought I’d get a picture of Olivia with her principal.I’m just so happy she’s doing well in school, even though she is the youngest kid in her class. She’s so confident and happy.
By the way, there’s something about seeing all the kids in the school in one room excited about listening to the principal and responding when he asks questions that makes me totally miss elementary school. It even makes me tear up a little. I loved all my teachers and it is fun to watch. There was a slideshow playing before the assembly of pictures the librarian took at Jog-a-thon and of the day the high school football players came during recess and the kids all cheered. They really do look up to those high schoolers. When an elementary age kid likes you, you feel like a rock star!


3 responses to “Cooperation means Teamwork!

  1. She is welcome to come to my classroom in a few years. We just hope our kids listen to the assemblies at all!From: Brant

  2. Hey, ask Shirley Falls for the picture. She always takes a group shot up close. You can just email her for it.That is how I got one from Michelle's award!!Congratulations Olivia!!

  3. Kim says:

    Congrats to Olivia from all of us!!

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