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Halloween Eves

on October 31, 2010

Friday Elizabeth had a special spider/bat party in her class because they have been learning all about them. It was really a Halloween party complete with Bingo and candy and decorating sugar cookies, but they called it a celebration of what they’d learned…Elizabeth kept correcting me. She had a fun time. I was able to go and help in her class for a little while before going downstairs to Olivia’s classroom for their writing center.
Friday night was our annual grown up Halloween costume party. This was our fourth one. We had a good turn out, but it was a little less than normal because many of the youth in our ward were busy with a dance that they put on as a service project for the ARC of Tri-Cities and another lady in our ward had a bridal shower for her daughter that night too. It was still a lot of fun though! We played some games, ate yummy food, and even had nice pictures taken of everyone. There were witches galore (four of them), Dopey, a Princess, clown, Clark Kent (aka Superman), and several other fun costumes.
Andy and I were fire and ice. He painted cool flames on his outfit with glow-in-the-dark paint, but they didn’t show up well even in the dark, and I wore icy blue with snowflakes. Our kids went over to play with some friends who have older babysitting age siblings. It was great. Elizabeth actually went to her Nutcracker angel practice first and then Torrie dropped her off at their house.

Saturday morning Andy and I went to the Temple with my cousin who is going to Mexico on his mission. It was SO nice. The Temple is always nice. Then the whole afternoon and evening we shifted into a little opposite the Temple (at least in attire). Andy had practice for Nutcracker and then came home to work on some things, so I took the three kids to an outdoor trick or treating around a little mall in Richland. They did great. They stayed close to me and they all even carried their own buckets and didn’t complain even though it was a tiny bit rainy.
Elizabeth-Jedi, Olivia-Butterfly Queen (she wouldn’t be talked into being Olivia the Pig.), and Vincent-Frog.Our cute little frog, Vincent. He likes to jump and make frog noises too.Elizabeth’s hood kept falling off.We came home and then delivered some plates of sugar cookies to the neighbors in costumes. I made way too many for the party on Friday night, so I had plenty to give away. We took them especially to those who helped the girls with their jog-a-thon pledges. I made some soup for dinner and then we were off to the trunk or treat at the church.
Our family at the church trunk or treat. We have a Jedi (the girl one with the diamonds over her nose), a butterfly queen, and a frog with Fire and Ice.
Can you see the cool flames Andy worked so hard on? They did glow a little just as it was getting dark.
Our buddy Nathan came with us to pass out the candy for us. It’s too hard to take the three kids around in the dark with just one of us in such a busy place and Nathan really likes to hand out candy to trick or treaters and doesn’t get very many where he lives. After we were done there, we went over to see Andy’s boss and then to Andy’s parent’s house and one of their neighbors. Vincent likes to say Trick or Treat, Happy Halloween, and Thank You. He also likes to ring doorbells and say ding dong and trick or treat even before someone answers the door.
Today is actually Halloween, but we aren’t doing anything Halloweenish today. We went to church and we are resting now before going over to Andy’s parent’s house for dinner and visiting. Then we’ll come home and probably catch a few trick or treaters to pass some candy out to tonight.
Happy Halloween!

3 responses to “Halloween Eves

  1. I love the costumes! You guys have the cutest family. Looks like a fun Halloween.

  2. Fun. I bought Aaron a Darth Vader costume at a yard sale this summer… but he forgot about it, so he was a jedi too I think. I love the frog! Didn't you get those for way cheap last year?

  3. Sara says:

    Loved your costumes… the kids were cute too… I gotta watch Star Wars so I can see the girl with the jewels on her nose… I forget her. And I like andy's flames… you can see them… he will have to take that outfit camping next time you go! That would be rad! well fun post!

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