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on November 6, 2010

I don’t have much to say this week. (Pictures further down.) We’ve just been busy doing our regular stuff and I’ve been busy taking naps whenever I can fit one in.
I took until today to finally switch over from Halloween decorations to Thanksgiving decorations, which mostly means turning my jack-o-lantern decor around to the plain side. Now they are just regular pumpkins. I like easy decorating. I added the scarecrow things I have and took out the ghost and other jack-o-lantern things. I still have to take the window clings down. Maybe tomorrow.
I just feel like napping all day every day. Building a baby is taking a lot out of me. I don’t usually complain about being tired since I’m the one who plans my schedule and I’m not sick during pregnancy, so to complain about anything seems terrible. I LOVE that Vincent still naps regular three hour naps and that I can do something for the first hour, like eat lunch, read, make dinner, dishes, laundry, help Olivia with homework, or whatever and then nap for two hours. It’s wonderful. Really wonderful. One of these days we are going to move him out of the crib to a regular bed and I just hope that he will keep taking naps for me without too much of a fight. The plan is to go to Ikea some weekend and pick up a bunkbed and then move Vincent into the girls’ room to one of their beds and they will share the bunks. Then Abigail will have the crib when she needs it in January (that’s right. I put my kids straight into the crib in a different room. They NEVER sleep in my bed because I just can’t do that. It’s easier for me to just get up with babies and feed and change them than to sleep with them….at least the previous three times I’ve had kids.)
I finished and mailed off ten packages this week. Nine cross-stitches for babies and one birthday gift for a nephew who had a birthday a few weeks ago. An additional cross-stitch was delivered to a lady in our ward. Some of these cross-stitches have been finished for a few weeks and I just wanted to mail them all off together, but it was still a ton at once. I just finished an eleventh cross-stitch for someone else in our ward tonight. I am officially caught up, but not for long since I know several people having babies before the end of the year and even more after the new year. I counted 16 and then talked to someone tonight at a meeting and it is now 17 babies other than mine. Time to start stockpiling baby gifts. But first, I need to work on more microwave potato bags, car roll ups, and polly pocket roll ups for the Ransom.Made design Christmas Event. Then I need to finish catching up my scrapbooking from June 2008-June 2010. Wish me luck! I think I can do it all. I made myself a list. I will just have to finish a few things a day and then nap for a little less time. Maybe I can manage to go to bed earlier and then I’ll have more energy for crafting.
Alright, sorry that I said I had nothing to say. You really should know me better by now. Maybe I’m over-analyzing on my blog here, but it is MY blog and I feel like doing it, so there.
Because you’ve stuck with my blabberings so long, I’ll reward you with some fun we did today. I should mention that it totally went through my head that we didn’t do anything really fun with the kids this week (after Halloween, who wants to do more?) and that’s why I took pictures.
This morning Andy went to sing with our ward choir at a funeral for a man in our ward who passed away (He was 80 and had Alzheimer’s and wasn’t able to live at home in the last year or so, so it was really a blessing for the family.) Anyway, Andy went there and then had his Nutcracker practice, so I took the kids on a few errands and then to Elizabeth’s Nutcracker practice just before Andy’s. We went up to WalMart (even though I went there Friday for regular groceries) to use some awesome coupons. I bought 12 salsas, 10 cans of spaghetti sauce, and a loaf of bread for less than 11 dollars. It was awesome! The salsas had coupons for $4 off of two salsas, which made each bottle 12 cents. Fantastic. The cans of spaghetti sauce were on sale for 69 cents at Fred Meyer, but I didn’t want to go to an extra store with three kids, so I price matched at WalMart. And that is how awesome I was today. I love being able to stock up cheaply. Anyway, off of the couponing tangent now, we then went to the library and then to the park to have a little picnic before taking Elizabeth to her Nutcracker Angel practice. The kids love having picnics, even if we didn’t have a lot of time leftover to play on the playground. They all behaved so well today. I’m glad. It’s hard when they don’t. I love that they are pretty good most of the time. I also love that it’s November and we were able to go on a little picnic. It’s a little chilly, but still really nice outside. I just wore a sweater and the girls took their coats off in the car. I kept Vincent bundled up because I don’t want him to catch another cold.
After finishing their food, they played on these little rocking toys. This one is a grasshopper.
It’s so hard to eat when you want to play.
Vincent wouldn’t eat much, but he did finish his apples.Olivia’s lunch.Vincent on the jeep or whatever that is.
Just the girls on the grasshopper.Tonight Andy and I went to the adult session of stake conference and then out to Dairy Queen for Blizzards. I love getting away like that once in a while. Stake conference was nice and there were several great talks. Our kids were clean and in pajamas when we got home and the house was fairly clean. What a good babysitter. I told her not to put them to bed because I thought we’d be back sooner, so they were just watching movies in the dark family room (they make it dark so they can pretend it’s a movie theater.)
What a good end to a great day.
I almost forgot this cool thing. I found a picture like this vinyl online someplace and showed it to Kim, who cuts a lot of vinyl for Ransom.Made design and she made one for me. I decided to put it on the wall underneath the Family Home Evening chart that Shirley made us last Christmas. I love it!


3 responses to “Dull

  1. janaemadsen says:

    I love the family home evening charts. we had one growing up. you sound so busy!

  2. Marliese says:

    I am impressed with the many cross stitches you have completed for baby gifts! What a woman. I'm curious what kind you do…I tried to look at the ransom.made site, but the link didn't work.Keep up the napping…smart girl. :)

  3. April says:

    You're amazing! We got Paige's cross stitch in the mail yesterday. I was in Paige's room the other day and saw Jane's hanging on the door knob and thought how nice it would be to have a matching one for Paige. Now we do! Thanks so much for thinking of us.

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