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Anything but Dull

on November 13, 2010

Friday was a little busy. We had a pretty great laid back week again without too much going on in the evenings, but then Friday hit us. Thursday night I made a bunch of little corn muffins for Olivia’s “Fall Fiesta” at school to go with their songs, craft, and other healthy-ish snacks. Friday morning I helped with PTA prizes for Jog-a-thon for a little bit until it was time to go to the Fall Fiesta. My mom came to watch Olivia sing and dance and hang out with her and me and Vincent. Olivia felt pretty special.
Here is my mom with Olivia eating crackers and drinking juice. Olivia didn’t even like my corn muffins. Figures, right? I did see one of her classmates leave with a plate of six of them, so they were pretty good.Olivia made her necklace on Wednesday afternoon. She looked at it after I tied it and found one spot the pattern was off. It’s not obvious though.After the Fall Fiesta we went to the grocery store and then home to drop off groceries and eat a little snack (they didn’t need much since it’s my habit lately to buy yummy donuts at the grocery store) for a minute before going back to the school to get Elizabeth and take her to a birthday party for a friend. This picture was taken on her way to go bowling with the party crew. I sent the camera with her, but almost didn’t get it back. Maybe that wasn’t the greatest idea…
She had someone take this great picture of her bowling too. I love it.She had a fun time. I arranged for another mom to drop her off at home when the party was over so Vincent could keep napping and not be crabby all evening because as soon as she got home, Sara (Andy’s sister) was coming over to babysit until Andy’s cousin came over to babysit so Andy could go to Nutcracker practice right after work and I could…..
Go on a crafting getaway with some of my best friends. Not everyone. There was just not room to invite more. I think I invited just the right amount or maybe even a little more than would be ideal for sleeping and crafting. We went up to Andy’s parent’s place in the mountains to work on Christmas crafts (to get them all done early!), make cards or scrapbooking things, or whatever crafty thing we felt like doing. It was great to be able to do things without interruptions and to visit with so many wonderful people. We just stayed the night there on Friday and came home early Saturday evening, but we all were nearly finished with our projects. I would show you how awesome my things look, but they are mostly gifts. If you want to see some of the sort of thing we may or may not have made, you can check out the ransom-made.com website. My mother in law came up early Friday to set up all the beds and supplies for the things we ordered with her sister, Nancy, and friend, Kim. They fed us a filling dinner and we had delicious treats before getting going on our craftout. (That’s what Andy calls it…instead of a campout, it’s a craftout.) It was so great to visit and catch up and I was so happy we were able to arrange a date that worked for so many of us. At our Stake Conference on Sunday, it was announced that our ward and the ward next to us would have some boundaries changed this week to make our two wards into three, so this was especially nice to get together before that all happens tomorrow night. Of course we will all still be friends even if we are all in three different wards. I’m excited about the changes since our ward is enormous, I need a new calling soon anyway, I know several people in the other ward already, and I’ve never been involved in a ward boundary change ever. I think it will be fun.
Because I don’t want to give anything away, I’m just showing this picture of most of our group working on projects, but without showing the real deal or my things that aren’t in this picture.
We had a great time and it was a great end to this week. It’s awesome to have such fabulous friends and it was probably the first time this group has all been together for something, especially outside of church. If you weren’t invited, don’t feel as though I didn’t want to invite you. I would LOVE to have a hundred of my favorite people all together, but that’s just not feasible in a house this size.
I came home to my kids all taken care of and happy to see me. What a nice greeting I got. Sometimes it’s just nice to have a little break, even if it’s only 26 hours, but who’s counting, right?


3 responses to “Anything but Dull

  1. Mary says:

    I remember the times I got to 'Run away" for PTA conventions. Glad you could have Fun. You weren't born when our Ward split and sent us to Connell. The changes in Umatilla happened the week after we moved to Burbank. I know you will make even more friends. Nice that you could almost finish your projects in the 26 hours.

  2. Jemmett Clan says:

    Looks like fun!!! I can't thank Kim enough for all the vinyl she cut for us….With all the crafts on the website, I can only imagine how FUN that would be been!!! Glad you were able to get so much done and get away and that you had an awesome greeting when you arrived back home!

  3. FUN! It sounds like you've been having lot's of fun lately. Olivia's Fiesta sounded great too! I love that idea!

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