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on November 22, 2010

And before Thanksgiving too. I looked out the kitchen window on my way to make my nightly potato in my microwave potato bag that I make and sell at the Ransom.Made design events and noticed there was already an inch or two on the cars outside and it was still coming down hard. It hardly ever does that here in Eastern Washington (aka the desert of Washington) this time of year. Actually, I just looked up the history of Richland to see when it snowed last on this date and it was blank. It said the record rain was .44 inches (in 1992), so we really aren’t used to this sort of weather quite this early. That being said, it was wonderful to not have to worry about school this morning for the kids (our schools did have a two hour delay for middle and high schoolers) and we didn’t have to go anywhere until our flu shot appointment after Vincent’s nap. Right about then was when the snow picked up again and started coming down hard again. Driving isn’t that bad in this snowy stuff. You just leave space and slow down early. I did see a city bus off to the side of the road with a little car behind it that apparently rammed into it. All the bus passengers were off in a parking lot waiting for the next bus. I wanted to tell the guy at the next stop that it might be a while, but didn’t stop because I didn’t want to get stuck or get out of the car. The girls got the flu mist and Vincent had the shot. We have to go get their other half of the flu vaccine in a month because the H1N1 is with the regular shot this year and we didn’t get it last year. We survived and there were no close calls for us on the way home either.The kids had fun playing in the snow this morning. I even had snow pants and boots for all of them this year. Last year Elizabeth’s pants were getting too little (Olivia’s now) and she had outgrown her boots so I picked up her snow pants, her boots, and Vincent’s snow pants last year after they were on sale. (Since it doesn’t snow here much, I could just wait.)
Elizabeth got right into it making herself a snow angel. Guess who copied her?Olivia’s snow angel.
Vincent’s snow angel.Vincent liked the snow and wanted to go back out when the girls did after flu shots, but I kept him in. It’s getting too cold out there with the sun down.
It will be fun for us while it lasts. Hopefully everyone can manage safe trips and stay warm in their houses if they don’t have to go anywhere. I’m hoping it all melts by Friday too since we are planning a little trip to Ikea in Portland to pick up a bunkbed for the girls to share so Vincent can move into their room and out of the crib before Abigail comes. Andy’s a great driver and went to Umatilla, Oregon today just like every other Monday, so we’ll go probably no matter what anyway.


One response to “SNOW!

  1. Mary says:

    Maybe you can go to Fabric Depot while you're down there, huh? Fun snow play. I just stayed at hoem to protect myself from all the crazies.

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