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Thanksgiving Weekend

on November 28, 2010

I thought about doing two separate posts, but this will just be one long one (there are MANY pictures to get you through….) Here is our family on Thanksgiving. Act surprised if you see it on our Christmas card. See! I have a baby bump there! People keep telling me I’m not showing. Her head is down (even though she’s not coming out that way) and this is my fourth kid. So many people told me I was small with Elizabeth too. I had gained 50 pounds at that point. They were WAY wrong. She came out at 9 pounds 2 ounces. Sorry, tangent on my weight over. Abigail really is growing and should be ready the 24th of January (Two months!!!)We spent Thanksgiving day at Andy’s parent’s house with family. It was great. I just took pictures of people on Thanksgiving and not all the food or anything, even though it is always impressive how much food there is. No one really needs to see the food. It was the exact same things as almost everyone else eats on Thanksgiving. Nothing weird.
Shirley and Torrie with Olivia and Elizabeth. Torrie wanted a posed shot with Elizabeth first and then Olivia and Shirley hopped in.After dinner, we visited, ate some pie, and then moved downstairs to watch Toy Story 3. It was funny and the kids liked it. (I’m pretty sure they’ll like that Christmas present….shhhhh!)
Vincent playing with this dinosaur skeleton play-set that George bought Thanksgiving morning. He’s a little obsessed with dinosaurs and all other animals, cars, etc.
Andy and Olivia enjoying the movie and the relaxation time. Olivia almost fell asleep.Friday morning we drove to Portland (normally about 3 1/2-4 hours away) to get a set of bunkbeds at Ikea because they had the best price. We don’t have any other weekend to go with the ballet recital, Nutcracker, and Christmas, and then just a few weeks until Abigail comes home and needs the crib. It was pretty lousy weather to travel in with all the snow and icy roads (only part of the way there and most of the way home), but we needed to do it. Andy arranged to borrow his dad’s pickup truck so we could put the bed in the back. Andy is really good at being a careful and cautious driver during bad road conditions. We didn’t have any close calls or real slips. There was some freezing rain for a few minutes, but we made it to Portland after four hours which is pretty normal.
We had a few other places we wanted to go before Ikea (can’t leave our big purchase in the back of the truck). All four places we went I have never been. We went to the Lego Store at the Washington Square mall which is an enormous mall. The mall has two parking garages and regular parking lots all around, but we still had to drive around for a half hour to find any open spots. Andy picked out his Christmas present at the Lego Store since he collects Star Wars Lego sets. The kids each picked out a littler Lego set that will be wrapped up for Christmas too. I even picked out a Lego Toy Story Jessie keychain.
Vincent by the big Lego at the front of the store while we waited for Andy to pay in the long line. It was Black Friday after all in a mall in Portland, but at least it was already 3pm when we got there.Olivia, Vincent, and Elizabeth in the Lego Store. See how packed it was? Vincent was sad because he didn’t want to stay by me and I made him. I’m SO mean. =)
After Andy was done at his favorite store, we went to the Cheesecake Factory. They have regular food as well as delicious cheesecake.
Olivia, Andy, and Elizabeth just after we ordered. They even have cloth napkins there.
Vincent and I. Vincent was trying to hit his silverware all over his plate, but he really liked holding his napkin on his lap. It kept sliding off, so I put each side under his legs.So, we had our delicious lunch/dinner and I picked out a chocolate raspberry cheesecake to-go and we drove over to Fabric Depot where I heard they have great deals on fabric. They weren’t quite as good as I expected, but I’m pretty cheap when it comes to buying fabric. I won’t do the $10 a yard stuff. No way. I was looking for fabric for my microwave potato bags that had potatoes or veggies or harvesty colors that would work well. I went in with a purpose and came away with some fabric that works well. I don’t think the design was supposed to look like potatoes, but I think it’ll work. I set my phone timer for 15 minutes and it went off while the lady was cutting my fabric. I’m decisive and this proved to be a very good thing later.
After Fabric Depot we drove over to Ikea (have I mentioned that Andy is a great driver, doesn’t get lost, and knows where he’s going?) It was dark by then and we knew we needed to hurry a little so we didn’t have time to check out the whole store and really experience what is IKEA, but it was really cool and they have great prices on just about anything you would ever need for your home. We asked where to go to get bunkbeds as soon as we walked in the door and went straight to it, picked white metal over pale wood color and looked at their mattresses. The plan was to buy them there since their prices are so cheap and we wouldn’t have to pay tax, but their mattresses were really hardly more than foam camp pads and cost $150 each. Since the bed was only $150 and we thought we could find cheaper mattresses at home, we left without them. We didn’t splurge on anything else in the whole store, even though so many things looked awesome! I think it helped that we both just went and splurged the whole rest of the day a little.
It was a lot more slippery on the way home, so we ended up driving about half speed most of the way. We stopped at Arlington (slightly closer to home than Portland) for a potty break at a Shell station, the cashier had a police scanner, and he asked us which way we were headed and told us that the road going TO Portland (about 20 miles back) had just had a big accident with two semi trucks and one of them caught on fire and they had to close both directions of the freeway for the night. We hurried out of there, not wanting to be stuck in their little town with our three little kids and not prepared to stay overnight. We finally got back home at 11:30pm which made it a five hour trip home safe and sound (and slightly stressed for Andy, on top of an aching leg from not being able to use cruise control). Vincent and Olivia both slept in the car and Elizabeth just kept asking us questions. They all travel really well (for little kids) and we are grateful for that.
Saturday we had to go and search for the mattresses while we were still borrowing Andy’s dad’s truck, so we looked online at Target and Shopko and realized that mattresses (even twins) are really expensive. I had checked facebook a little while before and one of my old classmates mentioned that he was in line at BigLots for a mattress, so I checked out their website and their mattresses are Serta and only $100 each. We dropped off Elizabeth at a birthday party for one of her friends from church and then went to look at one other store before going to BigLots. They had them and we bought them there. They are nice mattresses and they made me really glad we didn’t buy the crummy ones at Ikea. After dropping off the mattresses, we returned the truck, picked up our car, and had time to go to JoAnn’s (Andy says: NaDell being a fast decider makes the fabric store not as tedious as it could be. Between holding open the door, and paying, there’s usually not much for me to do, but this time I was able to learn that Rick Rack is called Fleco in Spanish and Croquet in French. I always though French people were too cool to put something like Rick Rack on their clothes.) I was looking for some cheaper-than-Fabric-Depot-fabric to go with the fabric I found there in Portland to make the potato bags. Then it was time to pick Elizabeth up from the party, eat lunch, and naps for Vincent and I. After he woke up, we went to see Andy’s cousin who just returned home from a mission, played Settlers of Catan with Andy’s other cousins while the kids played with his youngest cousins, and then went to the store before coming home. The kids had a shower and I made some easy dinner while Andy built the bunkbed.
It’s a good thing I married a man who reads the directions (Andy says: more like skim the directions, I did have to undo one piece and put it back on the right way) or it might have taken all night. =) It did take a little longer than he expected, so the kids went to bed a little late (but not as late as the night before), but tomorrow is Sunday and they can rest after church.
Here is Elizabeth on the top bunk. She’s so excited to have a bunkbed! I read the warning label to her that said “no horseplay” and let her know she’d have to move to the bottom bunk if she started jumping around the top of the bed.
Olivia’s just as excited about the bunkbed, even though she’s on the bottom. One day maybe she’ll be on the top and Abigail will be on the bottom.Here’s the bunkbed all built and dressed and solid.
We now officially have so many kids, we have to stack them to sleep and we’re okay with that. We love them all. Vincent is staying in the crib until next week. Maybe the novelty of the bunkbed will wear off a little for the girls by then.
Any tips for getting little busy boys to stay in their beds?
We didn’t have to try very hard with the girls, but he’s a totally different breed of kid. I think I’m going to see if I can find him a fun set of sheets or blanket with one of his obsessions (dinosaurs, Toy Story, Cars, etc.) Maybe that will help….or maybe he’ll just need a few spankings to help him….

3 responses to “Thanksgiving Weekend

  1. He will probably be pretty excited to have the girls in there with him, so chances are it's not going to be as easy as it was for me with just 1 kiddo. He should do good with 2 little mamas telling him he should stay in his bed or else… =) good luck!!!

  2. Jemmett Clan says:

    So fun!!! We moved Ethan into a "real" bed (actually we just converted the crib into a toddler bed) when he was like 18 months old. I thought Trent was crazy, but even with how active he is it went much better than I expected!! He now plays for a few minutes (with the few toys in their room) before going to bed, but he climbs into bed shortly thereafter. He does like to turn the light on (which annoys Emily), but we have a ceiling fan in there so I just turn the light off with that!! GOOD LUCK!!!!!

  3. Mary says:

    Glad to see the pictures from your Week-end. Thank Andy for keeping you all safe on the roads. Janessa is probably right, the BIG sisters will keep him in-line. What did you do with their old beds?

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