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December…Ten Years Ago

on December 1, 2010

On Friday, December first ten years ago, Andy and I really noticed each other for the first time which made that month the most fun I’ve ever had.
Here is our wedding announcement picture. Holy cow, I was so skinny!December first there was a singles branch activity that we both went to and a group of people wanted to go to someone’s house and watch “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”. I’d never seen it, but wanted to have fun, so I went too. The group was going to a house in Richland and I didn’t want to drive my lousy car and didn’t know my way around, so I asked Andy if he’d drive me.
(Previous to this, in October the branch did a canned food drive “Can or Treat” and I was on Andy’s team. I didn’t like one of the boys who was on the team, so I called shotgun and visited with Andy the whole time (he was the driver.), so I did know him a little. After that canned food collecting, a few people drove the food over to the food bank. Andy was one of those who helped with that and I rode with him there too (alone that time.) I saw him at other branch and institute activities all summer and fall long. One of my cousins, Lisa, had been going to the branch and institute for a year before me, so I was asking her one day who people were. There was a group of guys in the back of the room laughing together after a Sunday fireside in September and I asked her who they were. One was Andy and then one was “weird Andy”. I asked her what made him weird and she just said he was funny. I was curious. Guess which Andy is MY Andy…)
We went to the house to watch the silly movie and then watched Toy Story 2 as well. Andy drove me back to the church building parking lot where I drove home.
Saturday, December 2nd was the only day of the whole month that I didn’t talk to Andy. I could hardly wait for Sunday to come to see if he would still want to talk to me and if he really had fun. There was a fireside that night and I saw him there. Andy likes to say that I chased him, but I don’t remember much really.
Monday night was FHE and we watched A Christmas Story and had fun and then went with a big group over to Andy’s parent’s house to watch the TV series of Dune (Andy thought it would be good, but he didn’t like it that much.) I remember Shirley coming down the stairs and turning the lights on to see who was in her basement and Andy introducing everyone. I think she asked who everyone is just so she could know who it was sitting close to Andy. =)
Our first “real” date was that Friday night to Nutcracker with Andy’s parents to see his sister, Torrie dance. We went out to eat at Red Robin afterward. Before the date, Andy came out to Burbank to meet my parents and pick me up. The weather was pretty lousy that week too, I think. We also went to his work party on the 14th. The 15th I went to another work party with another boy that my mom set me up on before all this happened with Andy. It was the only day (other than the 2nd) that I didn’t see Andy all month. Thursday night is Andy’s work party again. It will be my 11th! I’m excited.
Anyway, the rest of the month is mostly a blur, but it was wonderful. Andy liked playing games with my family and spoiling me. How could I not like him? He put up with my younger siblings teasing and annoying us with a smile. My little brother, Jeff, was 15 and was jumping on the back of Andy’s car when we were standing outside in the driveway and we decided that we wanted to get married. THAT is how patient Andy was. Seriously, so embarrassing.
We went the day after to pick out a ring, but not THE ring, just a cheap ring so I’d have one at college. We picked out a HUGE plastic and silver colored ring from WalMart for six bucks and Andy proposed with my real ring on President’s Day when I was home for a break. Andy’s thought on the huge ring was that it would make people notice I was taken and they would think that whoever it was was loaded (until they saw the ring up close.) My roommates liked to tell our FHE brothers or whoever came over to “look at her rock!”A few weeks later, I went off to Rick’s College for four months and we wrote emails (Andy has them all printed off somewhere at work) and called and came home for visits often. I had the best roommates and had a fun time for my one semester of college.

Here are my awesome roommates: Emily, Marji, Lorie, Sarah, and Naomi. We did a Fijian dance at our ward talent show. Marji and Naomi are from Suva in Fiji.A month and a half after I got home from college and on my 19th birthday (Andy was 28), we were married in the Portland Oregon LDS Temple.Happily Ever After….
I just love this time of year!

One response to “December…Ten Years Ago

  1. Mary says:

    AWWWWWWWE…Didn't we take enough pictures when you were dating so you have more to remember? We are so glad he's a keeper.

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