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on December 1, 2010

No, a tree did not come crashing through the window onto our new bunkbeds and I didn’t take a picture of it. I hope that never happens. I just have no ideas for titles, so there you go. (Anytime I say, “So there you go” I think of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”. Is that weird?)
Sunday night Vincent wanted to sleep in the big bed, so I made it up and let him try it out. I was going to wait until Monday night, but he was all excited about it. It took about an hour for all three kids to go to sleep after I left the room. I read to them for 15 minutes in their beds after Andy read to them, so it was a little late to start anyway. I guess that way they were extra tired and didn’t play quite as much, right? Vincent slept pretty good and just woke up once in the middle of the night and yelled at Olivia to wake up. I got him a fresh cup of water and he went back to sleep. Monday Vincent didn’t fall asleep for his nap until it was almost time to pick up Elizabeth which is always wonderful. I guess we may be seeing the end of his very nice three hour naps. I SO enjoyed them. Monday took slightly less time for them to settle down. Probably because Vincent was tired. Tuesday I was babysitting a friend’s son, so I didn’t bother to put Vincent down for a nap and he had to go to bed early, so he was asleep in minutes and the girls went in after he was asleep. I think I can get used to this, but I’ll miss napping.
Vincent in the twin bed. I didn’t find any cool sheets or blankets, but he already had some good blankets, so he’s toasty warm. Maybe for Christmas or his birthday the month after Christmas I’ll find some sheets for him.
The girls all wiped out in their beds. By that time (10:49) they were asleep for a half hour or so. This was from the first night with all three in the same room.
Monday after school the girls were really excited to decorate for Christmas. I got out the boxes and boxes of decorations and they helped me decorate the living room. I pretty much just decorate there, but it’s all over in there. A little Christmas room. I like it.
The last thing we did was put up the tree and decorated it.
Elizabeth put this rose angel on first. My mom made it for her a few years ago. The angel’s skirt is the rose. Yes, it’s a fake tree. I grew up with fake trees because my dad’s allergic, but I think even without that, I’d pick a fake tree. I don’t have to water it, buy it over and over, cart it home on the roof, drag it to the curb at the end of the season, or string lights because my tree came with lights already on it.
Olivia picked this bear angel that Andy’s mom gave her a few Christmases ago to put on first. (She did wear warmer clothes to school, but wanted to wear a skirt after school, so she changed.)
Vincent put this Jesus in the manger star on the tree first. It’s another ornament from my mom. It didn’t take him very long to put all his ornaments up since he hasn’t been around for very many Christmases.
Here is the tree all decorated and pretty. It’s a little skinny, but I like it. We put all the soft or wooden or plastic ornaments on the bottom of the tree.
Here is our fireplace mantle. I need to get some matching stockings one of these years.
Here is our piano. I love putting my Nutcracker collection up each year. It grows and grows every year. My mom started giving me a nutcracker every year (or a set of nutcracker ornaments) after we went to see the Nutcracker ballet when I was in the third grade. Andy and Elizabeth will dance in the Nutcracker next weekend. Andy is in the party scene with his sister, Torrie, and Elizabeth is a palace angel. The next few weeks are busy with practices and performances and arranging of schedules so I can help in the green room some of the time.
I like to keep the top shelves of my cabinet just about the same, but I put out my nativities on the middle shelf and books and stuffed animals for the kids on the bottom shelf. It just doesn’t make sense to have every Christmas thing not something for kids to play with. It’s not reasonable. Behind the couch this cabinet has three doors that hold our stuffed animals, puzzles and games I don’t want out without supervision, and our book collection. I love the storage! Andy’s dad built this cabinet a long time ago and then gave it to Andy’s uncle who gave it to us almost five years ago when we moved into this house.
Elizabeth and Olivia entered some artsy things into the PTA Reflections contest at school this year. Elizabeth entered a drawing, a photo, and a dance. Her dance won first place for her school and her photo won second place at her school. Our town will have a presentation next weekend to say whose entries move on to the State contest and from there the National contest, but that’s during Nutcracker, so I had Elizabeth stand by her picture of two dandelions.
Olivia entered a drawing, a poem, and a dance. She won second place for her poem and second place (behind Elizabeth) for her dance. I still have to see if I can arrange someone to take her to the Reflections night for the city since I’ll be helping with Nutcracker.
Our Christmas Event for Ransom.Made design is on Friday, December 3rd from 5-9pm and Saturday, December 4th from 9am-3pm. I’m busy finishing up projects, like a polly pocket roll up for girls (it matches up nicely with the car roll up I make for boys) and more microwave potato bags. If you get a chance, come by and check out our selection of fun, homemade Christmas items and gifts or check them out online.


3 responses to “Tree…bed…photo

  1. Cali says:

    I love your courtship story! Happy "first meeting" anniversary!

  2. Kim says:

    Fun decorations and pictures! And I too think of My Big Fat Greek Wedding every time I hear or say "so there you go."

  3. Just responding to your comment–I don't know yet about New Years. We are planning to be back over here because of Michael's rotations, but we'll see what really happens. :) Hope you guys are doing good!

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