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A visit to Dancer and Prancer

on December 17, 2010

I bribed the kids this week to get to bed better with a trip to see some reindeer at a local gardening center after school on Friday. They sort of did it, by that I mean that Vincent still got out of bed and turned on the light and messed around, but he did it less than the previous nights. What a naughty kid. Olivia asked one night if we could put straps on his bed to keep him in. I WISH! I don’t think that’s very doable, unfortunately. He also likes to wake up at 6am (an hour before Andy wakes up and two hours before the girls need to be up) and yell until we give him a cup or change him and then yell, “Wake up, Olivia!!” as loud as possible. He has no volume control. Spanking him when he gets out of bed doesn’t seem to deter him either. Elizabeth didn’t respond well to spanking either, but at least she would do what we told her for a few minutes afterwards. With Vincent he’ll just get right back up as soon as I close the door and turn the light on again. (With Elizabeth we had to take off the light cover and plug in one of those light chain switches so she wasn’t able to turn it on or off and we had to take everything out of her room except her bed.) Olivia was easier. She just went with the flow and wanted to be big like Elizabeth and sleep in a big bed. If we ever had to spank her for getting out of bed, she wouldn’t get out again AND we would feel awful with her crocodile tears and sad face. Anyway, I wasn’t planning on spending so long on bedtime bad habits, but that’s what is bugging me these days.
Abigail is scheduled to arrive Tuesday, January 25th via cesarean section (like the three previous kids because with Elizabeth I did all the labor and then she was enormous-9#2oz-and I had to have an emergency c-section and I don’t feel like ever doing labor again.) It is nice to have it all scheduled out and the last two haven’t given me any trouble of coming early or anything, just wait until the date, so I have a little more than five weeks at this point to finish some things on my to-do list, like my scrapbooking catch up. I plan on working on that in January. I can get about a month done each day, so it shouldn’t be too bad.
Oh, back to the reason for this post, we went to see the reindeer. I called this morning to see what time they closed and the person on the phone said that Santa and Mrs. Claus would be there too, so I got the kids all pumped for that and when I got there and went up to pay for taking my own picture with Santa, the lady was going to charge me the amount when I double-checked that Santa wasn’t starting a lunch break or something and she told me that he wasn’t actually there and wouldn’t be there until Saturday and Sunday. Um, then I’m not paying for a picture with someone who isn’t there…..give me my money back…. So I went and took pictures of the kids on Santa’s bench and around their store. I didn’t feel bad for doing that since I called and they told me the wrong information and I would have told them so if they said anything. I really wanted a Santa picture this year, but since we missed our church party last Friday because of too many different things going on all at once and we can’t go Saturday because the girls are going on a little trip with Andy’s parents and we don’t do things like that on Sunday, it looks like it won’t happen this year. Oh well.

On Santa’s bench.
In front of the decorative reindeer.
At the fish pond.
Vincent loved these seals. Of course he knows what seals are. Thanks Dora and Diego. =)
Two of the kids liked the fish pond best. One of them liked the reindeer the best. Kids are easy to please, even if I’m not sometimes. They were sad to not see Santa though.
Last night was fun (my word, not Andy’s. He did say that he didn’t not have fun.) We all went the store together and then Andy took one kid at a time around to pick out little presents for the other two kids and me and then traded kids after paying and taking the stuff to the car, so he had to check out three times. We were able to finish up all the rest of the people we needed to buy for on our list, so now the kids and I just need to pick up a little something for Andy and we will be all the way done. I plan on having the kids wrap their gifts next week when they are out of school. I have a few little crafts for them to do to keep them busy too.


2 responses to “A visit to Dancer and Prancer

  1. Mary says:

    You could come to our Ward Social tonight if you dare. 3 wise men are bringing gifts I hear. It starts at 6:30. I should have told you earlier…

  2. Cali says:

    I'm sorry you didn't get to see Santa this year. What did that lady think you were paying for??? Rude. Cute pics though.

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