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sleep trials

on December 19, 2010

Vincent makes no sense. He is a bad go-to-bedder. He likes to get up and turn on the light and then sing or tell himself knock-knock jokes. The girls were really good at ignoring him tonight which is not always the case.
Andy went in a gave him a spanking when he turned on the light last (we finally used some tape to keep it down) and then Vincent kept singing and telling jokes and even told me to come and spank him because he was not laying down and was being loud (he really said that). I told him if he wasn’t quiet I would, but I was finishing folding clothes, so I waited and he told me again, so I told him that if he laid really still and was quiet, I’d come give him a spanking. Guess what? He did that and went right to sleep. I guess giving reverse psychology a try helps him (and me).I tell every new mom that the worst part about parenthood is being always waking up to crying, but bedtime is a close second, I think now.
It’s usually this point in pregnancy that I start to think, “What am I getting myself into?!?! I can’t handle the ones I have!” Most of the time it’s fun and they are cute. Even the singing and telling jokes is pretty cute and I don’t like having to spank them, but sheesh, they make it hard. He has no volume control either. When he wakes up in the morning, like I’ve said in previous posts, he yells to Olivia to wake up. I don’t know why he doesn’t yell at Elizabeth, but it’s always Olivia he yells at. Elizabeth must be too deep of a sleeper.
One day I’ll get these kids figured out. Kids are always opposites it seems too. I’m hoping Abigail is much more like Olivia. I don’t know if I can handle another Elizabeth or Vincent personality (they are great, but SO stubborn!) right now.


3 responses to “sleep trials

  1. janaemadsen says:

    oh my Danielle has decided to quit going to bed- I hope you get a super non stubborn baby :-) you can do it- sleep is so precious.

  2. Alissa says:

    Yep, bedtime and naptime have become my least favorite parts of the day now. Which is so sad…. If you come up with some super solution share it! :)

  3. LKP says:

    bedtime is STILL my least favorite part of the mom-gig. yuck.as for our family photo, i just got the email from jason saying it's up on the facebook page. thanks oodles for your vote. :)merry Christmas!

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