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Crowther Cousin Crafting Christmas

on December 24, 2010

Yes, that’s a lot of C’s. My sister in law, Kori, who married my brother Joe, has taught preschool for the past few years in her parent’s addition in Pasco and wanted to get the cousins together for a fun afternoon before Christmas. There were twelve of the fourteen total cousins there. Two of my brothers live in Kennewick and my third brother and his family came for Christmas this year from Idaho Falls. We were just missing the youngest two siblings who are in Kansas and Arizona. She planned out the fun crafts that were easy enough for the youngest of the cousins at 15 months, but still fun enough for the oldest cousin who is 10 1/2. Quite a feat. The projects were ones that she used with her preschoolers this year.
My mom blogged about it here.
The first craft was a large felt Christmas tree that had cutouts and the kids glued pom poms to them. The younger kids just picked random colors, but the older kids made patterns or only used one size of pom pom.The second craft was a plastic clear ornament ball (she found them at Michael’s) that they pushed glittery pom poms into. Kori had already written each cousin’s name on it with the year, so it was all ready. Perfect.
Elizabeth stuffed her ornament full so they wouldn’t even move around.Olivia with her ornament.I didn’t have to help Vincent with this at all.Then Kori got out the popcorn machine and let each cousin put a few kernels in the popper before it started. They all were listening and paying very close attention to when the first popcorn would pop. My dad even got in on the action. He’s such a good sport (I accidentally typed in goof instead of good there. He is kind of a goof too. We love it.) Listening to hear the first pop.I had no idea that listening and watching popcorn would make all twelve kids sit at attention. They each got a cup of popcorn to eat while watching the old Dr. Seuss How the Grinch Stole Christmas movie.
My mom brought the grandkid presents over to the party because one of my brothers isn’t coming to their house on Christmas with his five kids and she wanted all of the grandkids to open their gifts at the same time. She made each kid their own stocking like she used to give us with one wrapped present that shows which wrapping paper the bigger present wrapping matches, which is yours. This year two kids each shared a big present. They loved the backpacks that held sleeping bags, flashlights, and water bottles.
Six pm was the time for dinner. Joe and Kori made a yummy ham with pineapple on her dad’s grill and there were rolls and other delicious things to eat too. Andy got to the party after work just in time for dinner. The kids were all still so excited about their backpacks that they didn’t want to have them off for very long, so dinner didn’t last long for them.
After dinner we decorated the sugar cookies I made Wednesday with Kori’s dairy/egg/nut free recipe for Colby who is allergic. They are yummy and I didn’t feel worried about eating the dough because they don’t have eggs.We took this cousin picture at the end of all the fun, so they are all a little rough looking and messy.It was a really fun party. I hope we can do it again next year.
(If you don’t want to read about the beginning busy part of our day, skip down to the next picture.)
The first part of the day was super busy with running errands all over with the three kids. I had a lot on my list because I had coupons for places that expire on Christmas Eve and I didn’t want to go out on Christmas Eve. I, very surprisingly, didn’t have to wait long anywhere, even at Costco and Winco. I was only home for about 2 hours from 10am-9pm. We went to:
1. the library to drop off items due soon
2. bank to get the budgeted cash to spend on our errands.
3. JoAnn’s for some cross-stitch thread and some Christmas fabric to make a few aprons which won’t come out until next year.
4. Bath and Body Works in the mall where I went on Saturday and found great comfy soft warm socks for $3 and some anti bacterial scents for the diaper bag when Abigail comes. Elizabeth and Olivia each picked out a scent for themselves too. I had two coupons there. One for a free lip item with any purchase and one for a free large size lotion with $10 purchase.
5. Auntie Anne’s Pretzels in the mall. There were coupons in a few of my magazines for buy one pretzel-get one free, so I used two of those to get pretzels for our lunch.
6. Costco for a few things and samples. =) I got right through the lines and didn’t overspend. It’s way easier when I only have cash and know how much things are going to cost.
7. Winco for a few things on our grocery list and again we got right through the line.
8. Dollar Tree for another packet of 8 of travel tissues. We go through those like crazy in the winter. I didn’t want to stay there too long because the kids would start begging for stuff and I already had arranged with them that they had their anti-bac scents and the pretzel for their treats.
9. Albertson’s to pick up extra doubler coupons.
10. Hallmark for a Christmas secret and a few marshmallow Santas for the girls. Vincent picked a coconut wreath, which I noticed when we got to the car and he was strapped in wasn’t on the receipt, so we had to go back in and pay for it. Our cashier was Olivia’s kindergarten teacher.
11. back to the bank because I was nearly out of gas and needed to get some.
12. gas station (see above)
Then home for an hour and a half (half hour nap for me) and to the party.
After the party, Andy took the kids home and I went to Albertson’s for their great deals.
I bought 10 boxes of Chex for $1 a box (they are hardly ever on sale and they are SO good!), 4 bags of Kraft cheese and 2 Philadelphia cream cheeses for $4, and the best part of the couponing-getting stuff for free!-, six boxes of Rotzani healthy pasta for free, two boxes of Wheat Thins for free, and eight cans of Campbell’s Cream of Chicken soup for 72 cents (9 cents a can). I love coming home and asking Andy how much he thinks I spent at Albertson’s and he guesses something much higher. He opened up a box of Chex very soon after I got home. I love couponing. It’s fun.
The girls were still up when I got home waiting for me to get home because the sleeping bags were in the car I had. Vincent was asleep. They loved laying in their sleeping bags while I put groceries away until we made them go to bed at 10pm. They ought to be tired tonight and go to bed early, right?
My mom said they went to pick these sleeping bag backpacks up on Black Friday and there were only three pink ones and the rest were blue. If you don’t know my family, that is perfect because out of the 14 grandkids, there are only three girls….until Abigail comes soon making it four.
Elizabeth and Olivia each got a different pattern too.Olivia likes her matching card set my parents got her and really likes the whistle. I think that’s her favorite part. Her bag even came with a blowup pillow.My oldest brother posted a picture on facebook of his four boys in their sleeping bags last night too. They were a great gift. My mom even said that they could bring them when they come to her house for sleepovers. Done. Say when!
Here I am the Eve of Christmas Eve with Abigail. 4 1/2 weeks to go until she’s here. Don’t tell me I’m small. I’m not. She just has her head down and her feet and arms all over. People told me I was small with Elizabeth and she was 9 pounds 2 ounces. I’m not worried.I’m sure I’ll be posting again tonight after the party at Andy’s parent’s house with his family. Our nativity puppets will make an appearance.
I hope each of you has a very Merry Christmas!


One response to “Crowther Cousin Crafting Christmas

  1. Mary says:

    WHEN the weather is nicer for outside sleeping would be good for a Grandma Sleep-over… Maybe even the night before Abigail comes???See you tomorrow!

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