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on December 27, 2010

For Christmas morning, we stayed home to open the presents Santa brought us and the ones we bought for each other. Santa brought everyone just what they wanted. Andy got the Shrek Bluray four pack, NaDell got a nice set of her favorite perfume, Elizabeth got the guitar she asked for, Olivia got an art set, and Vincent got the Toy Story Trilogy on Bluray. We gave Vincent this GeoTrax train to play with.Olivia with her Olivia the Pig dress up doll. She likes this outfit the best.
They were excited and had a good time taking turns to open gifts too. It took nearly an hour because we took turns and chatted a little while opening. I don’t like it over too fast and I like to see their reactions. After opening the gifts, the kids played with their new things for a while and Andy and I got ready for the day. We went over to Kennewick to see everybody and do the exchange gifts at 11am.
Olivia and Elizabeth with their sillybandz bracelets and necklaces from their stockings.
Olivia helped to dig out the presents that were way in the back under the tree.
Elizabeth requested this enormous art set from Andy’s parents. We saw it at Costco for a great deal. It folds up into a much smaller case.
When we went to Portland, we found this Jack Russell Terrier dog for Andy’s dad that looks like Scooter. He liked it.
Vincent got a new big dinosaur that roars on it’s own, but he still roars with it.
Andy’s mom gave each of us a Christmas apron. Mine will fit better once I have Abigail. It didn’t lay right then.
After lunch and visiting, we went to Walla Walla to see my parents and two of my brothers with their families. We ate again there and birthday girl Tina helped the kids dress up to play the Nativity. Elizabeth was Joseph and Olivia was Mary. Cousin Colby (next to Elizabeth) was a shephard. Caleb and Sam had gifts for baby Jesus. Vincent had just barely woken up from a nap, so he just watched.
Vincent loved this old semi truck with trailer that my little brothers used to play with.
We had a fun Christmas. We always love spending time with our families and enjoy watching each of them open the presents we pick especially for them. It’s nice when they are excited about what we picked. Merry Christmas!!!


2 responses to “Christmas

  1. Mary says:

    Your angle for taking pictures was better than mine…the kids didn't make any requests to me. They know I get what I want to anyway or make it huh?

  2. Jemmett Clan says:

    Looks like a lot of fun to me!!! I love the intense look Vincent gives as he plays with toys (especially in the train picture)!!! I think the best part of Christmas is getting something for someone that they totally weren't expecting and then getting to see their reaction!! Glad you all had a good time!!

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