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New Year’s

on January 4, 2011

We spent New Year’s Eve at home playing games with Nathan and Robie (two of our game night regulars). They brought some treats to eat (and I made a chocolate cake with cookie dough dropped in it that Nathan dubbed “Craters of the Moon”. It was yummy and way too sweet. Here’s a link to a recipe that is similar to what I did, except I had some frozen dough in the freezer.) and we had the yummy sparkling cider stuff too. I think it’s a good thing I’m not a drinker because I was silly enough with just that. (I’m not much of a pop drinker either.) I kept spilling it when I was pouring it and the first bottle I opened fizzed out all over the counter. The girls liked drinking their sparkling cider out of the goblets that we have used a handful (if that many) times since we got them for our wedding.
Andy and Nathan played Smarty Pants and I played Pet Shop Monopoly with the girls while we waited for Robie to come from the hockey game (that got canceled midway through due to ice issues). Elizabeth and Olivia both love playing that game. The movers are Pet Shops and we just have them pick a different one each time. Olivia was a cat. Elizabeth was a dog. And I was a whale. I figured that worked out just fine and the whale wasn’t tipping over the whole time like other top heavy pet shops do. They stuck out the game until all the properties were bought, which is pretty good. We managed to do some trading and each of us had a few monopolys and bought some pet carriers (houses/hotels) before Olivia was too tired of the game.
Nathan, Andy, and I played Andy’s new Trivial Pursuit card game that was in his stocking. It was WAY more fun that regular Trivial Pursuit because there are cards that let you steal the wedge type cards without having to do anything. I like that. Other people answer the question right and then you play one measly card and steal it. It was fun. Robie brought over a new game he got for Christmas. It was TransEuropa.
This is what the board looks like. (Not my table. I found the picture online.) You draw five cards representing cities all over Europe, and you try to connect train tracks to all five before anyone else connects to their cities. It was fun. I think we might want to buy the American version, so we aren’t butchering the names of these European cities.
We stayed up to hear the fireworks in our neighborhood, but we put the kids to bed about 10pm.
On Saturday, New Year’s Day, we drove down to the Stake Center in Hermiston to get together with the Crowther side of the family (my dad and his siblings and all their kids and grandkids). We have been getting together for New Year’s instead of Christmas for something like 15-20 years now.
Here are those who were able to come from MY immediate family. My dad is in the middle holding Vincent and the girls are behind him. It’s not too hard to find them since there are so many little boys in the picture. Andy and I are there on the left. I’m the one with the big ole belly. =)It is easier than doing it at Christmas and we still do a white elephant exchange sometimes too which is mostly books and puzzles from home to trade. The gym shifts at lunch between volleyball and basketball and we eat delicious food and write to those on missions or in the military. This year was no exception. We had a yummy potato bar. I loved it. I happened to get in line behind my girls and they didn’t end up needing help, so I got my own food and sat next to them just in case they needed help and several people took (embarrassing) pictures of me next to eight little kids. Nice, huh? Oh well. I’m pregnant. I can do that.
We played the game my mom won from the blog I mentioned in November, which is like Ticket to Ride, but is a pioneer trek version called Trek to Zion and it was developed by a girl who I went to girl’s camp with. Very cool. My mom sent it home with us since I told her to comment on the blog and we will play it. They’ll have to come over and play with us too. If you want to try it, let me know. I have three more weeks until Abigail gets here. We have played it since a few times and everyone who plays it tells us they like it.
Vincent took a golden opportunity to climb on my cousin’s husband who happened to be laying on the ground (aka-asking for it.) He even said “Yeehaw!” a few times and put his arm up. He wouldn’t let that horse rest. Doug was a good sport, even after I told Vincent to kick him in the ribs a little to get him going. Luckily for Doug, Vincent doesn’t know what ribs are and didn’t really hear me. Also, it was lucky for Doug that Elizabeth wasn’t the one who jumped on him while he was laying on the floor in a vulnerable position.
Elizabeth with Grandpa Paul. Our kids sure do love their grandparents. They are blessed with four wonderful grandparents and four Great grandparents.We love seeing our family and look forward to those days that we can.
We will likely see most of them again in the next few busy months with Abigail’s birth, Vincent’s third birthday, Elizabeth’s eighth birthday, Elizabeth’s baptism (Sunday, February 6th at 6pm at the Thayer Building here in Richland-also her birthday!), and Abigail’s baby blessing in March. This will be a whirlwind few months, but that’s nothing new.

2011 GOAL UPDATE-So far for goals, I have made an appointment to go to the Temple this Friday with Andy and scrapbooked through July of 2008. I’m going to attempt to scrapbook August of 2008 right after I finish this (even though it’s late). There was a lot going on that month, so we’ll see if I can finish it in one evening. I normally can. I’m very decisive and I don’t worry too much about the actual decorations on the page. I do some stickers and paper, but I don’t take an hour on a page. The pictures and story are the most important part of the scrapbook.


3 responses to “New Year’s

  1. HOooray! 3 weeks!!! I'm excited for you. I'm bummed we missed New Year's Day. And, I enjoyed the Trek to Zion game when we played it… Brant even looked it up to see how much it cost…good luck for the next few weeks!

  2. April says:

    I'm not sure when you started your blog but have you thought about using it as your scrapbook? I just used this site called "blog2print". It cost me about $75 for a year and a half worth of blog posts. It is a hard cover book with color pictures (it looks a lot like a yearbook). It was super-easy to do and I figure it cost about the same or less than scrapbooking when you figure in the cost of albums, printing pictures, paper, etc. Check it out.

  3. […] And if you want a flashback a few years check out this post. […]

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