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Babies and beyond

on January 9, 2011

Here is what we’ve been up to this week and more.
Just a little history and some baby pictures to freak you out a little to think I had Abigail… We didn’t have a blog when the girls were born and didn’t start our blog until Vincent was a few months old, so here are a few comparison pictures for you.

I am sure I have a picture of me just before Elizabeth was born, but that was before we made the move to digital cameras and I don’t feel like finding the picture right now.
Here are baby pictures of Elizabeth, Olivia, and Vincent in the hospital and the pictures of me when I was on my way out the door to have Olivia and Vincent, along with a picture of me today with only 16 days to go until Abigail is scheduled to arrive.
Elizabeth- 9 pounds 2 ounces born the day after the due date.Olivia- 7 pounds 12 ounces born 1 week before the due date.Vincent- 8 pounds 4 ounces born 8 days before the due date.
When I went in to have Olivia I weighed just one pound more than I did when I had Elizabeth.
When I had Vincent I weighed 20 pounds more than when I had the girls. That is what I weigh now too. I’m not exactly sure where the 20 pounds are, but I think I must need to try to unload them after I’m done with this baby before starting another (if there is another.)Sunday after church with Abigail. People still keep telling me I’m not very big. I keep telling them that my babies are all normal sized or large and that I’m 200 pounds. My babies are dense or something. Maybe Abigail will fill in our weight spot of 6 #’s or 10 #’s because we already have a kid in the 7, 8, and 9 pound range. We’ll see. Any guesses?It is so nice to be able to go to meetings and hear the lessons given. The kids have been behaving better for the past two weeks in Sacrament meeting too, which is nice. I really don’t miss nursery. It’s nice to drop Vincent off and have a little break from him. He’s like a tornado. I even managed to get him to nap today easily, which is awesome since Andy’s in Virginia again. Yea, you read that right. Virginia. Again. He called me about 11am on Friday and said that he was going to fly out Friday night to go there to fix a problem they were having. He called me at 5am Saturday to tell me that he got there. He gets home Monday night so that’s three nights without him here to help me with the kids. We are doing well so far though. We had an appointment at the Temple and a babysitter all lined up for Friday night so we could go on a date, so that didn’t happen, but I did go to the Temple and to the grocery store for a few things alone and it was very nice!
Since the new year began I’ve been gung-ho on scrapbooking each night. I had to finish July of 2008 and now I’m up to January of 2009. I just finished December 2008 last night. I love being just two years behind. It’s quite a relief. I am also appreciating my blog because I’ve keep the story in my head by typing it out and rereading it and when I want to remember a story, I can check my blog for details, for example: How would I have remembered this little detail about the nativity scene from two years ago without my blog? Elizabeth was making the Joseph and Mary puppets kiss during the nativity scene. If I didn’t look at my blog it would have been a boring, “Elizabeth was the Joseph and Mary puppets.”
Here is how I set up my little scrapbooking station. I can get through about a month each night I scrapbook (about 4 hours or so.) The chair to the left of my chair has my stickers and borders in binders and the chair to the right has my pictures to scrapbook with any papers, invitations, or tickets with them. I have bags of paper on the table and an accordian file with paper. I bought a new paper cutter this week, so that one’s put away now. The TV is to my left (you can’t see it, but it’s above the Wii.) so I can watch/listen to movies. Just to the right of the scrapbook is my calendar that was on the wall where I wrote everything down and I use it constantly as a reference even though all of my pictures are organized by date and number of picture on the computer which is how Winkflash prints them with the name of the file on the back! It’s awesome because then I just have to sort them out to make sure they are all where they belong and put them into envelopes by month.Because I didn’t show what I made at our little craft getaway in November because some of the things I made were Christmas gifts, I’ll show you now. I made “love”. Yes, I know that’s a funny way to say that last sentence. Read it again. At the crafty weekend, one of my friends asked another what she made there and she said “Oh, I just made love.” It was funny. I am keeping this one for me.
I also made three sets of these family letters (which are on the Ransom-made.com website in colors Shirley picks or you can buy the letters alone and make them yourself or ask Shirley to custom make your set with certain colors.) I am keeping this set and gave one set to my brother and sister in law and one set to my parents. A friend of mine had her M tilted up like this and I thought it was great, so I copied her. Families are all a little crazy sometimes and hard to get in line, so it fits.
Vincent in the car (Andy was driving) pretending his slinky is the trunk of an elephant.We just have 16 days until Abigail is born. Andy’s Aunt Nancy makes these cute little countdowns. We like to use ours.
My parents stopped by yesterday to bring me this dresser they aren’t using now for Abigail. I’m going to clean it up, paint it, and maybe use some wallpaper borders on the drawers and mod podge them or something and get new handles. We’ll see if I can do all that before Abigail gets here. It’s a little beat up with stickers and stuff because it was always in the boy rooms and with six kids, things get a little beat up. Anyone want to fix it for me? I just want it to be girly and not ugly. You could even call it a baby gift if you want. =) Seriously though, if you want to give me a gift, give me a restaurant gift card or the cheap kind of diapers at Winco or WalMart or Target or just take my older kids for a few hours. We don’t need ANY clothes or blankets or wash clothes or bibs or hats or well any baby things. We have quite a supply with two girls in our house already. Not that I’ll refuse presents, of course. I love things which is why I have so much stuff here.
Time for me to go and take a rest before dinner at Andy’s parent’s house and getting the kids to bed tonight so I can tackle scrapbooking 2009. I only have pictures through December 2009 printed, so I just need 12 more nights to catch up to a year behind and I have 16 nights until she’s born.
Sorry for the super long post. I ramble on here. I make up for my short Christmas postcard by making an even longer “letter” on here at least once a week.

5 responses to “Babies and beyond

  1. Mary says:

    I think you're a Wonderwoman! Your pre-delivery pictures are fun to see. I have thought about using my BLOG to journal my Scrapbooking too. Not that it happened this week. I'm enjoying the NAP after Church too much so far this year.

  2. Alissa says:

    At first I was like, "Why would she even mutter the words that this might be a 10 pound baby? Yikes!" Then I remembered you're c-section…but you had me scared for a minute! (A 10 pounder is my biggest fear…) So I LOVE the letters – particularly the FAMILY. Where did you get those? They're great!

  3. Alissa says:

    Nevermind – I re-read the part there and answered my own silly question about the letters. :)

  4. janaemadsen says:

    I'm excited to see the dresser- wished I lived closer to work on the project :-)

  5. You look great NaDell! We can't wait to see her. The dresser looks awesome. You're amazing!

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