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The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

on January 18, 2011

No pictures. You really don’t want to see the bad and the ugly!
The Good:
1. Abigail will be here in one week (Tuesday is the date for the c-section.)
2. I get to eat at Olive Garden tonight with my favorite lady relatives to celebrate Abigail coming.
3. I only have part of December 2009 left to scrapbook and I’m done with that goal.
4. Plans for Elizabeth, Olivia, and Vincent while I’m at the hospital are coming together well.
5. Elizabeth’s baptism is approaching and we are talking more about what it means to be baptized and the promises she will make.
6. The weather was beautiful here yesterday (in the 60’s) and I was able to open doors, turn off the heat, and let the kids play outside.
7. Abigail’s dresser is finished (as of Saturday night when Andy put the handles on). Here is the finished product. I guess I do need to add a picture to this post. Lucky you that it’s not “The Ugly” #1. See previous post for step-by-step details.

The Bad:
1. I only have a week left before semi-sleepless nights (but I train myself for that pretty good all the time, so it shouldn’t be too tough.)
2. Doctor bills (but the tax refund should cover those and more hopefully.)
3. It’s hard to bend down to clean up toys.
4. Vincent is into EVERYTHING! I always thought people were exaggerating when they complained about having to be one step behind their boys. Boys really are harder than girls at this age. I really thought Elizabeth was just as hard as other people’s boys. Now I see how wrong I was. She was easy compared to him. At least she slept and was very independent. Argh! Boys. I’m so glad I’m having a girl this time!

The Ugly:
1. I tried to make a new kind of Alfredo sauce with eggs last night and it turned into scrabbled eggs, so I dumped it down the drain to start a new one. Unfortunately, that was not the brightest idea without a garbage disposal. Our sink catcher thing caught a lot of them, but I pulled it out to throw the grossness away and a bunch of the grossness went down and clogged up the drain. SO, Andy had to get out his snake tool to clear out the clog, which then turned into pulling everything out of the under the sink cupboard, using all of our old towels, opening the cabinet under the counter in the family room to get to pipes, and finding wood pieces with the snake, breaking the snake, sawing off the part that was broken, and Andy had to go to the store to get Drano that didn’t work (Andy says: Drano never works, because someone in our home has long, lustrous, red, Drano-proof hair. The only reason I even bothered with Drano this time was because I figured it ought to be able to dissolve eggs, or else why do they even sell it. I eventually got up on the roof, snaked the vent, and guess what was on the end of the snake, eggs and hair!). In fact, it’s still sitting in the sink full of water since last night. Dang. (The rest of our water and drains work.) Hopefully Andy can get it figured out tonight before his meeting that he mentioned last night that he has to go to for his ward mission leader calling. I am going to Olive Garden, so I had to find a sitter.
UPDATED- 5pm Sink is unclogged. Andy fixed it! I’m so lucky to have a husband who can do hard things! =)
2. My neighbor came over today just before I went to pick Olivia up from school to tell me that she started seeing mice in her house at Thanksgiving and that there are still clues that a mouse is still there. She wondered if we had any sightings. NO! YUCK! And asked that if we trap them to not use radcon poison because of her dogs. Just thinking of mice makes me cringe up. Like we need something else to worry about.

Overall, it’s been pretty good. I don’t want my blog to make anyone think I don’t have bad moments. I have many, but CHOOSE to play the glad game. Life is all about choosing.

3 responses to “The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

  1. Mary says:

    YEA for Pollyanna!!! Seeing the Good is so much better than the bad. Love reading your Blog!

  2. Soon and maybe even tonight you'll laugh about the "ugly". That's the best part!!! I can't wait to see pictures of Abigail!!! Better yet, come and hold her!!!

  3. I just have to say…way to go on the dresser. It looks fabulous! You are so ambitious!

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